1. Technology
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Animated Homes and Buildings Clip Art

Animated Homes, Houses and Buildings Clip Art


View and download free animated homes and buildings clip art that includes houses with windows that light up, homes with smoking chimneys, buildings, and other animated homes, houses, and buildings clip art.

1. 01Gifs Buildings

Download buildings clip art that includes a city scene with smoking chimneys, a colorful blinking row of buildings, a stylized group of city buildings in clouds and lightening, and other building animations.

2. Animate It

Locate a Victorian house with flashing windows, a barn with doors that open and close, and a house with windows that light up.

3. Animated Castles

View a castle turret with a blue waving flag, a castle in rain, a large castle with a knight and horse racing through the doorway, and other castle animations.

4. Animated Playhouse

Find animated buildings that includes an animated hamburger restaurant, a church with a glowing light, an animated book store, a flower shop, courthouse, and other animated buildings.

5. Dan's House Collection

Find tiny animated houses and small animated houses and buildings that includes a small jumping house, a blimp flying over a building, a two-story tan house with a window that lights up, a pink and white dancing cottage, and other animated buildings and homes.

6. Bestgraph Houses

Browse animated houses and buildings that includes a log cabin with smoke coming out of a rock chimney, rotating green, blue and yellow houses, a comet in the night sky over an A-frame building, and other animations.

7. Jason's Animation Outpost

Download a small house with Santa on the roof, a house with clouds floating by, and a house with a smoking chimney.

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