1. Technology

Desktop Icons of Everything

Browse desktop icons for personal computers and Macintosh computers of everything, including people, sports, cartoons, music, food, flowers, books, cars, trucks, vehicles, objects, animation, and more.

Calle's Custom Icons

Browse beautiful icons for the Macintosh of folder icons,including various country flags and Native American icons, System icons, a Smith and Wesson set, and much more.

Clip Art Warehouse: Desktop Icons

Choose the desktop icons category from left menu to find baseball, cars, cartoons, computers, dogs, food, medical, music, tools, and much more.

Cool Archive

Locate a large collection of icons that includes animals, holidays, alphabets, computers, war, faces, folders, sports, games, cartoons, food, vehicles, Star Trek, and much more.

Debi's Wonderful World

Find desktop icons of holidays, toys, decorated hearts, books, words, garden, animals, windows, and more.

Icon Amazons

Find icon sets of Halloween, Valentine, Christmas Toys, Obsessions, Spring Fling, Amazon Easter, Home Decorations, Women, andk End of Summer Picnic for both Macintosh and Windows.

Ilicon Icons

View Mac icons of butterflies, aqua monsters, Eggos, characters, penquins, and more. Click on the Archive years (right hand side) to view more icon sets.

Kaboose Animals 1

Browse icons of wild animals, farm animals, and lemurs.

Kaboose Animals 2

Browse icons of Hantaro's African animals, Japanese mammals, and Oceanian animals, plus Yoki's animals: wild animals, domesticated animals, and more.

Leo's Icon Archive

Use the left hand menu to find themes of icons that include art, buildings, cartoons, culture, food, game, hardware, music, nature, objects, people, seasonal, system icons, movies, illustrator icons, and more.

Poison's Icons

View exquisite Native American icons of Indian pots, feathers, folders with Native American designs, etc.
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