1. Technology

Knitting Clip Art Links

Find knitting clip art that includes balls of yarn, knitting needles, baskets of yarn and needles, knitters, and knitting projects.

Art by Arnie

Cursor to the bottom of the page to locate yarn, knitting needles, sheep, spinning wheels, and a chair with a yarn basket beside it and yarn and needles left on the seat of the chair.

Balls of Yarn Clip Art

Find clip art of balls of yarn, including a ball of yarn with a small kitten on it.

Fiber Images

Locate knitting clip art that includes a basket of yarn, women knitting, knitting needles and yarn, a sheep knitting, and more.


Locate two women sitting in chairs knitting, a bar of yarn, and a skein of yarn.

Knitting on the Net

Locate knitting and craft clip art that includes spinning wheels, knitting needles, yarn, crafters, spools of yarn, balls, of yarn, and more.

NVTech Clip Art

Find yarn and knitting needles, yarn and a knitting project in process, a knitted sock project, a sweater and ball of yarn, plus other clip art images of knitting.

Original Country Clipart by Lisa

View a row of baskets with yarn and knitting needles, an individual basket of balls of yarn and knitting needles, and baskets of yarn and knitting needles navigation button sets that includes text for Email, Next, Back, and Home.


Find a knitting basket, a woman knitting, a commerical knitting machine, and a woman wearing a crown knitting. A commercial site.
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