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Lamb Clip Art - Sheep Clip Art

Locate lamb clip art, sheep clip art, and free lamb and sheep clip art of shepherds, sheep, shearing sheep, and other clip art of lambs and sheep.

Artvex: Sheep
Find cartoon sheep, black and white sheep, sheep heads, a sheep scene, and more.

Cartoon Cottage
Find a group of sheep, an animated sheep linebar, sheep standing in snow with pine trees in the background, pairs of sheep with hearts, and more.

ClipsAhoy: Sheep and Goats
Browse sheep and goats that are playing golf, running, and smiling, etc.

Clipart ETC
Find black and white illustrations and clip art of sheep, lambs, and rams that includes an ewe and lamb, a Cotswold sheep, a Merino ewe, a Shropshire ewe, and other sheep images.

CoolClips Sheep
Locate little white lambs jumping, adult sheep, rams, grazing sheep, a sheep face, and other clip art of sheep.

Cornerstone Sheep
View animated, static, color, and black and white clip art of sheep and lambs, plus animated sheep jumping fences, prize ribbons, and more.

Lucy Learns
Browse white lambs in various sizes, plus light yellow lambs with pink faces, baby lambs, and shepherds with their flocks of sheep.

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