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Rodent Clip Art Links - Mice

Browse mice clip art and free rodent clip art of mice with cheese, mice using computers, a mouse on a treadmill, rodent footprints, and other clip art links of mice and rodents.

ABKL Designs: Mice
Find a good selection of mice that includes blind mice, mice and cheese, mice driving little cars, mice in a swimming pool and at the bank, mice in school and in churches, mice on the farm, and mice in the city, plus mice dividers.

Artvex.com: Mice
Find several pages of mouse clip art that includes cartoon mice, a wind up toy mouse, mice wearing dresses, and more.

Clip Art Warehouse
Download icons of mice, a computer mouse, and other rodents.

Clips Ahoy: Mice
A small selection of mice: a mouse on a wedge of cheese, a cat playing with a mouse, etc.

Diabella's Vintage Graphics: Mice
Find cute animated mice that includes a mouse jumping in cat litter, a mouse in a cat bed, mice jumping rope, and other mouse animations.

Merely Mice
Browse a large collection of mice clipart that includes mice with flowers, cartoon mice, animated mice, and much more, including mice backgrounds.

Mouse Graphics
Find some cute mice, including a mouse with a large pair of sissors, a mouse doctor, a mouse cook, and a couple of mouse ballerinas. Click on More Mouse Clipart to view both pages.

Rabbit's Animal Collection
Find rat and mouse clipart, icons, animations, backgrounds, and linebars.

ToonLand: Mouse
View a happy gray mouse jumping on cubes of green Jello.

ToonLand: Rat
Peaches, the pet rat, eating a piece of cheese.

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