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Blackat's Web Graphics Find themed border sets, a small selection of tiled backgrounds, original line bars, clipart, and more.

Please follow the terms of usage required for each Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

At Blackat's Web Graphics you'll find some very nice themed border sets, a small selection of tiled backgrounds, very nice original line bars, clipart and 3D Bryce art.

Themed Gallery Sets
The sets in this gallery includes a Southwestern set, a Music set in classic black and white with a piano key border, a Movie set with a line bar of theatre seats filled with people silhouettes, and a Rose set with a red, red rose on a grey, lacy left hand border with a black text area. All the sets have a title, a bar, bullets, and menu buttons.

The menu buttons below are samples from the Themed Gallery.

How to Download Clip Art

denemail.jpg - 2.5 K

swemail.jpg - 2.2 K seaemail.gif - 2.2 K

Bordered Backgrounds
A denim and lace border with a white text area, a lavender stone rose border, an angel, a collection of stamps, and a Happy Birthday border, etc.

Tiled Backgrounds
A small selection of full backgrounds: a dark mysterious purple tile, lavender Comedy and Tragedy masks, plus a large red and white boat, and other tiles.

Theme of the Month
Check this area for past holiday and seasonal theme sets. At the time of review there were only three: a very nice graduation set, a Father's Day set, and a unique 4th of July set.

A selection of line bars for both light and dark backgrounds. Samples of the shorter dividers from each category are shown below.

mysticbar.gif - 0.4 K

heartbar.gif - 1.3 K

The bottom line bar is shown slightly smaller size than the original in order to fit my Web site size limitation.

Bullets and Buttons

3D Bryce

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