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Award Winning Best of the Net Clip Art Sites

Browse Best of the Net clip art sites with animated images, backgrounds, graphics, cartoons, and other Web clip art graphics that includes exceptional clip art and award winning clip art sites, and unique clip art topics and selections.

ABKL Designs by Jan: Halloween Clip Art
Cute children dressed in Halloween costumes that includes devils, Dutch girl, witches, wizards, a cowboy, and much more to view and download for use on personal Web pages.

Animation Arthouse
Cursor down the page to find beautifully animated dragons, spiders, snakes, ravens, meerkats, and more.

Animation Factory
Find a good clipart resource that includes air and land transportation, sports, alphabets, holiday, Web elements, and more. Subscription Web site.

Bevz Nutshell Orphanage: Halloween
Adopt cute animated nuts in four dormitories of special nuts, plus Patriotic Nuts, Halloween Nuts, Christmas Nuts, and Miscellaneous Holiday Nuts.

Bevz Background Gallery
View borders, tiles, and special occasions backgrounds, including Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day.

Blackat's Web Graphics
Browse very nice themed border sets, a small selection of tiled backgrounds, original line bars, and a selection of clip art and 3D Bryce art.

Bradley W. Schenck
Find beautiful Celtic art work of tiles, panels, circles, beasts, backdrops, and borders (frames), plus animated Celtic designs.

Brownielocks and the 3 Bears
Browse a lovely site with a plethora of watercolor backgrounds of dabbles, drips, splats, strokes, puddles, textures, plaids, splashes, splats, ink blots, splatters, circles, symbols, scenes, holidays, trees, teddy bears, support ribbons, animals, flags, olympic images, and much, much more.

Cactus Clip Art
View clipart of saguaro cactus, barrel, and prickly pear cactus, plus saguaro cactus wearing sombreros, and cactus with smiling faces, etc.

Caricatures & Illustrations by Dennis Cox
Locate animation, clip art, and caricatures by the talented Dennis Cox.

Carla's Graphic Designs
Cursor down the left hand side to choose a selection of lovely linkware background templates that includes blog templates, nature, animals, children, genealogy sets, holidays, ethnic, memorial, westers, awestern.

Cartoon Cottage
Cursor down the page to the categories to find an excellent selection of all types of animated images: babies, animals, people, holidays, food, and much more.

Cat Stuff Graphics
Find cat accessories, backgrounds, buttons, lines, and more, plus cats, of course!

Charlie World
Cursor down the left hand side to find a multiple of categories that includes icons, animation, lots of prairie dogs and other land and sea animals, people, holiday images, and much more.

Cheryl's Image Gallery
Original art work of birds, bugs, critters and fish, animation, line bars and dividers, Christmas cards, alphabets, and people, such as stick people and potheads to view and download.

Browse a large amount of original clip art sorted into categories of animals, sports, people, business, clothing, and much more.

Cute Colors
You will need to do some clicking to get to the linkware Web sets that includes excellent borders, frames, and full backgrounds complete with clip art, animated images, titles, button, and bullets, etc. Click on Free Cliparts, then wait for the left hand menu to show up, then choose clip art sets, titles, or your choice of other categories.

Dana Lea's Graphics
Use the supplied user name and password to find lovely Web sets sorted into topic categories of florals, gold, jeweled, whimsical, masculine, feminine, conservative, the arts, and more.

Discovery School's clip art Art Gallery
Choose a clip art category of clip art for students, parents, and teachers, including sports, health and safety, teachers, students, food, special events, music, awards, logos, science, social studies, seasons and holidays, technology, and more.

Elated Button Kits
Choose Page Kits or Image Kits to download buttons, arrows, animated clip art, icons, and much more.

Eos Development
Choose Background Textures, Background Borders, Buttons, Bullets, and Pointers, Text Graphics and Navigation, or choose Mix and Match Graphic Sets to locate original, creative and very functional backgrounds, borders, buttons, line bars or dividers, and more.

A site with a bit of everything, including excellent arrows, buttons, bullets, interfaces, navigational sets, Web sets, banners, counter digits, and more.

Graphic Site (The)
Find beautiful clip art created by Noreen Strehlow.

Graphics by Kelly
Find page sets, borders, backgrounds, buttons and dividers, animated globes, and a great selection of clip art sorted into categories, including animals, birds, bugs, butterflies, cartoons, cats, dogs, children, fairies, people, school, sports, holidays, and more.

Graphics by Shawna
Browse attractive and complete background sets: angels, country, fantasy, flowers, genealogy, kids, nature, Victorian, holidays, and more.

Home of The Horizontal Rule!
View original and unique line bars designed by THe SKuLL!!

Ice Skating clip art
Browse a very large site of ice skaters and ice skating related clip art. If you need ice skating images you will find them here!

Jaguarwoman's Extravagant Webgraphics
Elegant, classy, and beautiful can be used to describe Jaguarwoman's border and background sets which include menu buttons, a and title, plus other artwork. Commercial Site.

Jason's Animation Outpost
Browe a collection of animated animals, vehicles, people, and more.

Kid's Domain
Browse a precious happy site for icons and clip art.

Look Out!
Geo-tiles, (backgrounds) and bars created by Chet Gottfried to view and download.

Malathar's Dragons
Find dragons with personality PLUS! A Web site for all who love dragons.

Millanimations is a delightful and large site of animation, clip art, holidays, love, aliens, people, animals, holidays, and much, much more.

Neferchichi's Egypt Clip Art and Backgrounds
Clip art and backgrounds with an Egyptian flavor to view and download.

Noetic Art
Find excellent clip art of people, places, food, leisure, buildings, housewares, and much more, plus a few fonts and a selection of PSP 5 tubes.

Oktoberfest Clip Art
View beer steins, beer mugs and beer glasses, serving trays with beer, titles, headers, and more.

Page Works
Click on Animation and agree to the terms to view excellent original clip art and animation created by Kitty Roach.

Patriotic clip art from ABKL Designs
Browse original patriotic clip art: Uncle Sam, Statute of Liberty, flags, firecrackers, rockets, lines, titles, and other patriotic and memorial clip art.

Poison's Icons
View excellent icons of Native American Icons in GIF format, plus collections of MAC icons.

ProDraw Graphics
Browse an excellent site that offers professional graphics for sale, as well as extensive sections of free-to-use menu buttons, animation, a 3D gallery, and multiple categories of clip art.

Pyttans Grafik
Locate unique borders that includes boys and girls, Easter, angels, fairies, fruit, animals, nature, music, and more.

Realm Graphics
Ender's Realm Graphics offers quality backgrounds, buttons, icons, lines, and more.

Screen Beans
Find delightful little characters that are just right for adding a touch of insight or humor to your Web page or presentation.

Browse a quality site with quality fonts that includes beautiful art fonts, a selection of free Web fonts, and much more.

Find religious cartoons by various artists. Please read the terms of useage befusagewnloading.

SMAC: WWW Library
Find beautiful border backgrounds: Autumn, stamp, and block patterns with coordinated pages of lines, banners, buttons, etc., plus full backgrounds, arrows, letters, icons, and more.

St. Patrick's Day by ABKL Designs
View original clip art for St Patrick's Day: cute leprechauns, Irish lassies, shamrocks, pots of gold, dividers, titles and other St. Patrick's Day clip art.

Summer Fun by ABKL Design
Find an excellent selection of summer clip art: girls and boys gardening, gardening tools, girls and boys skating, surfing, skate boarding, fishing, flowers, lines, dividers, titles, and other summer fun clip art.

Sweet Home
Browse Hisayo Tada's wonderful site with excellent clip art of France, Italy, food, kitchen equipment, teddy bears, sewing, children's emotion faces, icons, fashion, buttons, and much, much more.

Toonland, by Kitty Roach, is an excellent animation site with cartoons, animals, babies, dragons, children, buttons, animated holiday clip art, and much more.

Find a large site with many categories of graphics, icons, backgrounds, menu buttons, clip art, etc., plus medical backgrounds and menu buttons, including a menu button set of blood types.

VirtualLand Animation Gallery
View excellent animated images, alphabets, buttons, line bars, and sports related images.

Visual Sonnets
Find a small selection of exquisite borders with matching components, plus Paint Shop Pro and Blade Pro tutorials: how to create opals, pearls, simple faceted gems, and more.

Wine clip art
View pages and pages of original wine clip art from ABKL Designs by Jan that includes bottles of red, white, and pink wine, wine glasses and bottles on trays, individual glasses of wine with grapes, dividers, titles, grape lines, and other wine clip art.

Wizard of Draws! (The)
Click on the text name to locate original cartoon graphics created by Jeff Bucchino.

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