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Mixed Clip Art - Icons

Find clip art of mixed clip art and icons images that includes animation, bullets, sports, people, flowers, and other mixed images clip art.

24K Gold Graphics

Browse categories of gold clip art that includes Christian symbols, crosses, cats, dogs, butterflies, horses, Celtic designs, nautical, hand signs, people, sports, flags, floral, holidays, and more.

Akiko Brand Free Icons

Click on a room to view excellent clip art of girls, dogs, animations, seasons, sports, icons (illustrations), and more.

Art Selectory

Find a selection of free vector clip art that includes a circle star, bullets, gel button, balloons, heart, and other designs. Read the terms of usage, link at the bottom of the page, before downloading and using the free vector clip art. Some restrictions apply.

Artist For Hire

Browse clipart that includes animals, people, plants, a bear, log cabin scenes, flowers, a griffin, Uncle Sam, U.S. Seal, objects, vehicles, and much more.


Find a large selection of clip art that includes animals, art, clothing, containers, food, tools, household, medical money, music, nature, people, school, science, sports, transportation, and much more.

CG grasp

View a Japanese site with exceptional animation, cuts (clip art), backgrounds, borders, bullets, site navigation (menu buttons and text), mail icons, arrows, and more. Click on the left hand size Japanese words to find other clip art.

Cherdon's Creative Corner

Find border and background sets, backgrounds, line bars, and icons of people, flowers, angels, antiques, holidays, and more.

Clip Art Of.com

Locate clip art indexes on the right hand side that includes angels, animals, people, holidays, household, medical, music, office, religion, school, transportation, and more. Royalty-free clip art requires a fee for each image. Click on an image to find the price information, then click on the End User License Agreement see how to use this piece of clip art.


View a page of sphere icons that includes an AT symbol, a CHAT symbol, sissors, a key, tools, envelope, house, paintbrush, music, sound, a standby icon, user image, garbage can, and other needed icons.

Cool Archive

Locate fonts, clip art, animations, icons, backgrounds, arrows, and more.

Designed to a T: Mixed Images

Browse a large selection of clip art of animals, art deco, beauty, business related, circus, computers, cottages, farm, food, flowers, holidays, jewelry, nautical, occupations, people, party, phones, transportation, woman, Zodiac, and much, much more.

Designs by Elizabeth

Find animated birthday cake, scientist with telescope, a man at a computer, an animated dragon, book, birthday dog, a man sitting on a bar stool smoking, and more.

Discovery School's Clip Art Gallery

Cursor down the middle of the page to Online Clip Art for sports, health and safety, teachers, students, food, special events, music, awards, logos, science, social studies, seasons and holidays, technology, and more.

Flaming Text: Font Art

Font art: Americana, cats, air force, birds, Christmas, frames, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sports, maritime flags, and more.

Free Educational Clip Art

Browse the categories of clip art for school related graphics of animal life cycles, American Civil War, US maps, world maps, math symbols, dragons, sea creatures, geometric shapes, music, religions of the world, signs, symbols, and much more.


Locate themes of graphics with titles, quilt squares, mixing spoon, doll house items, floral designs, and more.

Graphics by Kelly: Clip Art

Find collections of clip art sorted into categories of angels, animals, arrows, bears, birds, birdhouses, bugs, bullets, butterflies, cats, dogs, hearts, floral, country, music, people, rainbows, school, sports, smilies, holidays, and more.

Graphics Garden: Mixed Images

Browse flowers, animations, buttons and bullets, and health care graphics.

Heart To Me

Cursor down the page icons and buttons, clip art and cuts, lines and bars, background sets, tiles, borders, digits, and animated clip art.

High Aspirations

Find a variety of backgrounds, buttons, animations, fish and water clip art, Halloween, Christmas, and seasons.


Find icons and clip art of alphabets, backgrounds, arrows, animals, animals, road signs, logos, punctuation marks, stars, cars, cartoons, and much more.

Inki's Clipart

Browse the clip art pages for automobiles, tires, dryer, car muffler, pagers, shutters, sofa, speakers, stamps, toaster, tools, a truck, and more.

Internet Clipart: Mixed Images

View photo clips and clip art of animals, birds, real estate, fishing, sports, hunting, flowers, buterflies, dogs, music, people, tools, and more.

Just Jane's Graphics

Find stamps, backgrounds, country graphics, furniture, teddy bears, quilt blocks, and more.

Leo's Icon Archive

Find a Mozilla collection clipart. Cursor down the left hand side menu and click on Mozilla.

Liam's Pictures from Old Books

Find a multitude of "public domain" black and white illustrations, pictures, borders, and initials from old books that includes Religion in the Home by Charlotte M. Yonge, USA, 1913 and Myths Every Child Should Know, edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie, 1922, plus The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci by Leonardo Da Vinci, edited by Jean Paul Richter, 1888, and much more.

Microsoft Design Gallery Live

Cursor down the page to browse the clip art and media categories of art, agriculture, buildings, fantasy, food, government, health care, people, plants, religion, sciences, seasons, sports, tools, travel, transportation, weather, and much more.

Packrat Productions

View small selections of animals, butterflies, castles and houses, flowers, suns and moons, and other clipart.

Page Works

View excellent clip art that include sea horses, a little mermaid, elfs, dragons, holidays, and much, much more.

ProDraw Graphics

View animals, office, plants, vehicles (traffic), clothes, food, weather, and more.

Realm Graphics

Choose a theme to view characters, inline icons, standout, symbols, and text icons.

Regina Graphics

Download dingbats in a variety of colors: angels, birds, dragon heads in circles, eagles, fish, flowers, homes, stars, etc.

Sachi's Icon Collections

Locate small icons of clothing, furniture, and outdoor images.

SMAC: Icons

Find round icons of email, books, a computer, home, sound, coffee cup, camera, and more.

Smart Clipart

Find small selections of clip art for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and spring or summer clip art, and other holiday clip art, plus a basketball, a cell phone,a microphone, and more.

Stablegirl's Lair

Find lions, bobcats, tiger, horses, unicorns, dragons, koala bear, and swords, plus buttons of animals, blank menu buttons, animal linebars, and textured linebars.

SweetRoom: Icons and Mixed Images

Locate animals, wine, food, herbs, Christmas, birthday, spring, roll over shelves, kitchen tools, breakfast, tea time, dinner, sewing, wine, buttons, icons, animations, and much more.

Teacher Files

Locate topics of clip art that includes icons, school, books, students, teachers, math and science, pencils, sports, money, clocks, words and signs, nature, animals, professions, transportations, historical figures, holidays and seasons, and more.

The Free Graphics Store

View photo objects, clip art, icons, backgrounds, bullets, animated GIFs, lines, pointers, and borders.

The Wizard of Draw' Graphic Treasury!

Browse excellent original cartoon graphics by Jeff Bucchino. Planes, baseball players, cheerleaders, a mailbox, a beaver, and a bit of everything.

U-rock's Materials: Mixed Images

Browse buttons, lines, menu buttons, backgrounds, icons, clip art, and more.

Universal Clipart

Download clip art topics that includes baby, birthday, graduation, holidayus, patriotic, medical, school, religious, and sports.

Witchy's Gif Shoppe

View assorted animated GIFs and images that includes a wizard, a dragon with ball, a bud frog, a neon palm tree, a dolphin, lines, flowers, and more.

WP Clipart

Choose a category of clip art to view that includes animals, people, tools, U.S. History, household, office, clothes, medical, toys, computer, space, transportation, weather, buildings, music, travel, transportation, and more.
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