1. Technology

Baby Clip Art

View baby clip art of babies, free baby clip art, infants, toddlers, tiny tots, pregnancy, baby furniture, bottles, cribs, and other toddler and baby clip art.

Animations Galore

Find baby clip art animations of children and ethnic babies in high chairs, with teddy bears, smelling flowers, with balloons, blowing bubbles, and driving cars.

Arthur's Baby Clip Art

Find color clip art of babies and very small children that includes a grandmother holding a baby, diaper changes, a stork with a baby, a baby on a scale, a baby near an electrical outlet, babies in car seats, etc.

Baby Crayons

Find a good selection of linkware baby clip art that includes a baby angle, baby cloths, baby toys, a mother and baby, and a baby in a box. Click on More Baby Clipart to view all pages.

Babyz Clip Art

View ethnic boy babies, ethnic girl babies, and baby boys and girls together.

Artvex: Baby Clip Art

Browse a selection of baby clip art that includes cartoon babies, wrapped babies, babies with pacifiers, and other baby clip art.

Clips Ahoy: Babies

View newborn babies, bottle, a baby rattle, birth images, baby showers, baby toys, and more.

CoolCLIPS: New Baby

Find a stork and baby, a baby and scales, a baby nursing, baby buggy, a baby crying, and more.

Free Baby Clip Art

Cursor down the page to find free Baby Clip Art from DIY Invitations Sensation of storks carrying babies, two babies holding bottles, a baby wrapped in a blue blanket, a baby in a pink and purple baby carriage, and a baby in pink pajamas.

FreeFever Baby Clipart

Find pink and blue bows, pick and blue cakes, blue and pink baby rattles, s flying stork, a one year old baby, blue and pink Baby titles, and more.

GranGran's Graphics: Babies

Find a baby in a lovely carriage, a baby with ball, one with a butterfly, a baby playing with toes, baby boys, a stork with a baby, babies on the moon, etc.

Designed to a T

Find font clip art of baby diapers for boys and for girls, shoes, brushes, and more.

Kiwi Graphics: Babies

Download babies playing with their toes, babies with their arms raised up, baby bottles with pink and blue ribbons, and diaper pins.

Original Country Clip Art by Lisa

Find babies in a high chair, baby guest book buttons, babies in buggies, pacifier linebars, babies with blocks, two checkered backgrounds, and more.

Playtime Station

Download baby clip art of two babies in red Christmas stockings, a sitting baby in a diaper, two cute babies holding large hearts, a baby bottle, a baby rattle, and a teddy bear and other toys in a small yellow wagon.

School Clip Art: Babies

Locate a selection of baby clip art, including a crying baby and a baby in a basket, that can be used for educational purposes.

Sevenoaks Art

Download an animated clip art of a baby boy in a blue rocking cradle or a baby girl in a pink rocking cradle.

Sunny Corner Graphics

Find one baby girl dressed in pink checks.

ToonLand: Babies

Find adorable babies yawning, kissing a toy, playing in the sand, crying, playing with a water hose, playing with a puppy, a baby playing with his toes, babies looking a baby books, the new baby, and more.
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