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Children Clip Art: Boys and Girls

Find children clip art of kids, teens, boys, girls, groups of children, teenagers, girls and boys with disabilities, and other children clip art.

Ace Clipart: Children

Browse pages of children clip art that includes a bad boy, children with presents, a boy with a dog, a girl with a jump rope, a small girl dancing, children in costumes, etc.

Akiko Brand Free Icons

Click on the girls and boy images to find Japanese children in costume, a boy with a beverage can, a woman with a purse, a bride with long veil, a boy at a computer desk, etc.


View pages of baby, toddler, and children clip art that includes a baby in a baby swing, a baby in a little bed, a baby girl playing with a green phone, a boy with a toy sword, a boy on skates, a little cowgirl, a girl crying, a girl jumping rope, and other clip art of children. Click on More Images to view all clip art.

Arthur's Boys and Girls

View boy and girl clip art that includes children playing together at the beach, in school, dancing together, playing hide and seek, eating ice cream, skating, sliding, running, swimming, and other activities.

Arthur's Children

Find clip art of children in black and white that includes boys and girls climbing, in groups, with pets, at the playground, reading, and doing other activities.


View pages of boy clip art.

Classroom Clipart

Browse pages of black and white clip art, plus a few colored images, of boys and girls playing, reading, running, eating, and other child activities.

Clips Ahoy

Find pages of children that includes a boy wearing a beanie, a child in a high chair, a girl and a birthday cake, a boy in school, a boy with a baseball bat, children with toys, and much more.

Cool Baby Graphics

Find a boy soccer background set, a girl soccer background set, and a girl with a daisy background set.

CoolCLIPS: Children

View a boy using the phone, boy in a wheelchair, a child with scissors, a girl blowing bubbles, a boy with a frog, and more.

Jen's Sunny Corner Clipart

A small selection of kids that includes boys and girls praying, a baby, and a girl painting a picture.

Kid Faces

Download cute kid faces smiling, frowning, etc., plus groups of kid faces with text suitable for kid clubs or pages. Use text link near bottom to view all choices.

ToonLand: PlayWorks

Browse an excellent selection of boys and girls, including a girl blowing a bubble with gum, a boy walking a dog, a child in a bathtub, girls dressed as queens smelling flowers, a girl playing basketball, a little boy dressed as a cowboy, a girl jumping rope, and much more.
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