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Easter Clip Art Links

Download Easter clip art of Easter bunnies, baskets, eggs, chicks, flowers, lambs, rabbits, crosses, lilies, gifts, crosses, and other holiday clip art.

Art By Cheryl
Find original Easter clip art of baskets, eggs, flowers, bunnies, chicks, children, birds, Easter hats, ducks, rabbit angels, etc.

BasketMakers Easter Clipart
Find backgrounds and graphics for Easter pages that includes Peter Rabbit carrying an Easter basket, chicks in a basket, Easter flowers in a basket, etc.

Bevz PrintZ Gallery: Easter
Cursor down the page for Easter border backgrounds of white dogwood flowers on brown, cross on lavender, an Easter chick, etc.

Brownielocks: Easter Backgrounds
Find interesting watercolor Easter backgrounds that includes bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, crosses, and more.

Cartoon Cottage: Easter
View animated clipart that includes rabbits popping out of their holes, a bunny tossing an Easter egg, an Easter basket, egg dividers, etc.

Cat Stuff: Easter
Locate an excellent selection of cute cats in Easter costumes, plus other cat holiday clip art.

Easter by Inge
Browse Easter clip art of lovely flowers, eggs, bunnies, chicks, flowers, and more.

Easter by Phillip Martin
View Easter clip art that includes an ethnic boy finding Easter eggs in grass, a rabbit with a row of Easter eggs, a girl with an Easter basket finding Easter eggs, and other Easter clip art.

View Easter eggs, plus a tutorial for creating them.

Free Easter Clip Art
Download Easter eggs, baskets of Easter eggs, clip art of bunnies in various colors, Easter Rabbits with eggs, a hen sitting on a large decorated egg, and chicks hatching out of eggs.

Holiday Spot, The
Cursor down the page to find a selection of Easter clip art, backgrounds, and buttons that includes a cartoon rabbit sitting on a very large Easter egg, a girl and a boy with an Easter egg, an Easter basket, daisy border backgrounds, Easter themed tile backgrounds, plus banners and navigation buttons.

Horse Races Net
View egg bullets, linebars, silks, title, chicks, flowers, and rabbits, etc.

Kaboose Easter
Find stuffed bunnies in various colors, Easter rabbits with eggs, decorated Easter eggs, crosses, and an Easter lily in a purple pot.

Nasone Columbis Country Net
Browse thumbnails of colored Easter eggs, a nest of eggs, Easter baskets, chicks, bunnies, etc. Click on the thumbnail image to view the clip art full size.

Packrat Productions Easter
View Easter clip art in categories of Bunnies, Bars, Baskets, Eggs, or a miscellaneous selection of Easter clip art.

School Clip Art: Easter
Find a small selection of Easter clipart that may be used for educational purposes, including children with Easter baskets, baskets, and a bunny with a large Easter egg.

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