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Fantasy: Mixed Clip Art Links

Fantasy clip art, graphics, and illustrations, knights, castles, swords, wizards, maidens, fairies, trolls, elves, dragons, unicorns, Pegasus, crystal balls, and other fantasy clip art.

Arthur's Fantasy Clip Art

Find fairies, centaurs, monsters, dragons, elves, giants, and other fantasy creatures.

CoolCLIPS: Fantasy

View a mermaid, Superman, a wizard, Pegasus, a genie, Mother Goose, and more.

Hassle Free Clip Art: Fantasy

Browse fantasy and medieval clip art that includes a castle, dragons, knights, kings, King Arthur, ogres, Pegasus, a wizard frog, the sword in the stone, wizards, and more.

Kelta Web Concepts: Fantasy Clipart

Browse a good selection of fantasy clipart that includes fairies, a gnome, a dwarf, a cyclops, a centaur, a crystal ball, dragons, a druid, a hydra, and more.

Phoenix Bird Clip Art

Find an outlined image of a flying phoenix bird, a black phoenix bird sitting on red flames, and a flaming phoenix bird.

Shawna's Background Graphic Sets

View fantasy borders sets of lovely fairy sets, space scene, water world castle, a unicorn, and more.

Stablegirl's Lair

Find two unicorns, a gryphon, plus Chinese dragons and swords.

Web Warriors Web Design: Dragons

A nice selection of dragon backgrounds.

Web Warriors Web Design: Unicorns

Unicorn backgrounds: a unicorn in snow, a moonlit night, etc.
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