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Flowers and Plants Links

Browse flower clip art and plants clip art of bushes, trees, baskets of flowers, herbs, floral bouquets, vines, cacti, backets of flowers, wreaths, and other flower and tree clip art.

A Perfect World: Plants

Browse black and white, plus color clip art of flowers, plants, trees, dune grass, and wheat.

ARS Image Gallery: Plants

Find photos of plants and flowers that includes a Concord grape leaf, cherry trees, peppermint, soybean leaves, fire lily, sunflowers, and much more.

Artvex.com: Flowers

Browse clip art pages of all types and styles of flowers.

Backgrounds by Melanie: Floral Backgrounds

Cursor down the page to view the floral background thumbnails that includes a floral wreath pattern, hummingbirds and flowers, a sunflower set, pink flowers on a pink border design and pink background, etc.

Barry's Clipart Server

Browse almost 80 pages of flowers, leaves, nuts, and other clip art of nature. Click on each thumbnail image to view the full sized clip art.

Bry-Back Manor's Garden Fun

Choose to view a collection of beautiful icons, flower clipart, or spring flowers.


Browse a very large collection of over 16,000 images of California plants and habitats. Click on the thumbnail for the larger photo and terms of use for that photo.


Click on the description of the image to view cactus clip art, a man sitting on a cactus, cactus with flowers, saguaro cactus, prickly pear cactus, barrel cactus, a cactus family in a pot, and other clip art of cactus.

Clips Ahoy: Flowers

Find pages of flowers of all kinds.

CoolCLIPS: Plants

View a selection of flowers, plants and trees that includes a lily, flower garden, a man picking apples from a tree, etc.

Daily Flower Clip Art

Browse down the page to find flowers with stems and just individual blossoms in jpg format, or you may choose to download the hi-rez version for a $4.00 fee. Please read the terms of usage before downloading the jpg image.


Browse flowers on a straw hat, flowers in a bucket, flowers in groups, and flowers in vases.

Free Flower Images

Browse over 200 flower photos that may be used as desktop wall paper, on Web sites, printed documents, school projects, and more.

Free Painted Flower Clip Art

View lovely painted flowers, morning glories, water lilies and lily pads, iris, floral picture frames, and more.

GranGran's Graphics

Find a large selection of lovely flower graphics that includes individual flowers with stems, flower heads, candles with flowers, flower plaques, and more.

Graphics by Kelly: Flowers

Browse pages of flower clip art that includes roses, bouquets, flowers in baskets, groups of flowers, etc.

Graphics Garden: Flowers

Locate flower heads, flowers with stems, groups of flowers, as well as stained glass, stencil, and animated flowers.

Juelie's State Flower Garden of Gifs

Find beautiful state flowers hand-painted and copyrighted by Juelie that may be used ONLY for personal pages (noncommercial).

Kitty Wompuss Graphics: Floral

Browse lovely floral backgrounds that includes sets titled Country Pitcher, Paradise Bird, Roses, Fruit Swag, Italian Renaissance Garden, Ivy Trail, Golden Days, etc.

LaceFairy Roses

Find a page of lovely rose images that includes single blooms and bouquets.

Marvelicious Backgrounds

Cursor down to Floral Sets for elegant floral border sets that includes a peach rose, a red bouquet, white roses, a pansy set, a painted rose, etc.

Shawna's Background Sets

Find a very nice selection of border sets with a title, menu buttons, bullets, and bars.

SweetRoom: Herbs

Browse Hisayo Tada's excellent herb clip art that includes mint, rosemary, sage, basil, leaves, herbs in food, herb tea, and herbs in bottles and jars.

Toadstools and Mushrooms

Find a good selection of toadstool and mushroom clip art.
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