1. Technology

Christian Clip Art Links

Download Christian clip art that includes crosses, churches, Bibles, doves, candles, praying hands, scrolls, fish, sheep, lamb, and other Christian religious clip art.

A Kid's Heart

Find pages of Christmas clip art for kids that includes Bible characters, the Ten Commandments, angels, boys, girls, sayings, and animals.

Atlantic Fish

Find Christian clip art and animation of crosses, doves, Bibles, fish, Bible verses, prayer, maps, backgrounds, and more.

Christian Computer Art

Find pictures and clip art of people, places, and objects.

CoolCLIPS: Religion

Find church scenes, the Ten Commandments, Bibles, Jesus with the cross, a pastor, and more.

Crystal Cloud Graphics

Browse Christian background sets, angels, and lavender and gold 3D animated dingbat icons.

Dan's House Collection

View church clip art that includes large and small, black and white, animated, and churches with stained glass windows or crosses, etc.

In His Image: Christian

Download beautiful linkware Christian border background sets in categories of The Lord, Holy Designs, Father's Paintbrush, Angels, Holidays, Scripture Borders, and more.

Morning Star

Find clip art indexes of Christian background sets, crosses, doves, blank plaques and banners, religious signs and sayings, blank awards, blank blinking buttons, and animated text and buttons.

School Clip Art: Christian

Find a selection of clip art, including churces and Bibles that can be used for educational purposes.

Upon This Rock

Browse pages of animation, spinning text, banners, 3D graphics, and backgrounds.
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