1. Technology
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Animated Cat Clip Art

Free clip art of animated cats.


Browse animated cat clip art and free animated cat clip art of cats running, sleeping, playing, and other animated cat images.

1. ARG Cartoons: Animated Cats

Find cartoon cats, weird cats, mad cats, nice cats, cute cats, kittens, a fishing cat, and a scene of raining cats and dogs.

2. Cartoon Cottage Cats

View cute animated cats and kittens: a cat in a tunnel with a toy ball, a cat fishing off of a dock, fat cats, cats with email signs, and more. Click on all pages to view all the animated cat clip art.

3. Cats

Find cats with fish bowls, a cat playing with a small gold star, and space cat pictures.

4. CatStuff

An excellent resource for cat animations, backgrounds, cat clipart, icons, cat buttons, holiday cats, and much more.

5. Diabella's Vintage Cats

Browse pages of animated cute cat clip art that includes cats with Victorian ladies, cats in costumes, cats with mice, and more.

6. Heathers Cat Animations

View a large page of cat animations that includes running cats, sleeping cats, cats with mice, kittens drinking milk, and other cat animations.

7. Lisa's Animated Cat Gifs

Find a sleeping cat, a gray cat on a brown chair, a cat and a cat box, cats sitting on a log, cats in toilets, and other cat animations.

8. Lucy Rand Cats and Kittens

Find pages of lovely animated cats and kittens, a black cat and a mouse, kittens in a box, mother cat with kittens, cats on a balance beam, a pile of cats, a cat in a fish bowl, and many more pages of cat animations.

9. Marcy's Cats and Kittens

View a page of animated cats and kittens that includes a cat playing with a bag, a cat skating, a cat walking to a pillow and going to sleep, a cat playing with toilet paper and other cat and kitten animations.

10. NaNcY's Cat Animation

Wander through pages of cute animated cat clip art that includes running cats, sleeping cats, cats playing, eating, and other cat animations.

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