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Halloween Clip Art Links

View Halloween clip art of ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, kids in costumes, witches, autumn leaves, bats, graves, skeletons, monsters, spiders, costumes, haunted houses, candy corn, children, boys, girls, animated clip art, and Halloween clip art and images.

4YEO: Halloween
Download animated Halloween clip art that includes a pumpkin, ghosts, a bat, witches hat, skull, gold BOO text, and a cat head.

ABKL Designs: Halloween
View boys and girls in Halloween costumes that includes little devils, a black cat costume, wizards, witches, a little Dutch girl, a princess, black cats, and a little cowboy.

Andrew Sain's GraphX Kingdom
View a selection of Halloween icons that includes pumpkins, ghosts, graves, etc.

AniGifs by rw51
Find dancing skeletons, dancing ghosts, a dancing witch, ball players, a laughing skull, dancing mummies, Frankenstein and bride, plus Dracula making a phone call.

Bats and More Bats
View bats flying across the moon, small bats, and large bats.

Bats for Halloween!
Browse Jacci Howard Bear's clip art of black bats, gray bats, silver bats and a dark, eerie bat and moon scene.

Bevz PrintZ Gallery: Halloween
Cursor down the page to the Halloween menu for a ghost border, embossed pumpkin borders, a witch border, and more.

Halloween by Inge
Find ghosts, bats, pumpkins, witches, and more.

Cartoon Cottage: Halloween
Locate a variety of spiders, a grave, a ghost in a tree, etc. Use the page numbers to view all animation.

CatStuff: Halloween Graphics
Browse a selection of Halloween graphics that includes black cats and pumpkins, etc. Use the next button at the bottom to view all pages.

Clips Ahoy: Halloween
Find pages of pumpkins, witches, broom, a witches hat, gravestones, and more.

CoolCLIPS: Bats
View a colony of bats on three pages that includes cartoon bats, stylistic bats, black and white bats, and other styles and colors of bats.

Designed to a T
Find animated bats, pumpkin and haunted house, etc., plus clip art designed for dark or black pages.

Dripping Blood Alphabet
Download an eerie dripping blood red alphabet set complete with tips on alignment and fine tuning the alphabet.

Halloween by Phillip Martin
Locate cute Halloween clip art that includes a girl carving a pumpkin, an ethnic boy in a large pumpkin, Dracula, wizards, ghosts, mummy, skeleton, and other clip art for Halloween.

Halloween Clip Art
Find tiny cat and bat bullets, a Halloween racing silk line, a black cat with orange eyes, a bat with red eyes and mouth, Halloween titles, and more.

Kaboose Pumpkins
Find clip art of pumpkins in various sizes, plus sad pumpkins, scary pumpkins, happy pumpkins, and pumpkins with elfin fairies.

Kids' Turn Central
Find cute Halloween bunnies, ghosts, pumpkins and bats, mummies, witches, haunted houses, and more.

Lucy Learns: Ghosts
Find a page of small and large ghost clip art that may be use for personal use, classroom and homeschool purposes.

Marvelicious Backgrounds
Cursor down the page to the Holiday Sets for several Halloween background sets.

Click on a page number under the Halloween holiday heading for a pile of skulls, a trick-or-treat dog, Zombie dance, a scary Jack-in-the-box clown, a fantastic haunted house, a dancing mummy, and more.

Packrat Productions
Find indexes of Halloween clip art that includes pumpkins, witches, critters, and haunted house scenes, witches, etc.

PageWorks Halloween
View adorable children in costumes, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, a space germ, and much more.

Pumpkin Clipart
Browse a large page of small pumpkins, large pumpkins, black and white drawings, and Jack-o-lanterns of all shades of orange.

The Youth Online Club: Halloween
Cursor to the right to find ghosts, pumpkins, bats, a witch face, a wizard hat with a spider, etc.

The Teacher's Guide
Find a page of Halloween clip art that includes trick or treaters in costumes, a scared black cat, a ghost, pumpkins, scarecrows, and bats.

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