1. Technology

People Clip Art: Mixed

Download people clip art that includes men, women, children, babies, boys, girls, toddlers, mixed groups of people, families, couples, and other mixed people clip art.

4YEO: Male and Female Symbols

Find 3D animated male and female symbols in various colors.

Akiko Brand Free Icons

Click on the images to find a Japanese girl in costume, a boy and computer, a woman with purse, etc.

Arthur's Famous People

Find black and white drawings and illustrations of famous people that includes Albert Einstein, Darwin, Galileo, Churchhill, Kennedy, Luther, Marco Polo, Picasso, and many more.

Clip Projects People

Browse pages of people clip art that includes man, women, a few children, and faces such as a senior lady with gray hair, a woman with a basket of ironing and a stack done ironing, a man in a bed with bandages on his foot, arm, and head, and other clip art of people.

CoolCLIPS: People

Download people of different cultures.

Designed to a T

Find faces of men, women, boys, and girls, plus a golfer, a fisherman, a clown, a girl on a horse, and other clip art of people.

Early Humans: Cavemen

View a selection of cavemen, created by Phillip Martin, women, and children that includes a cave woman cooking over a fire, a cave woman gathering red apples, a caveman with fire, a cave man with a club, a caveman artist, and other cute images.

Fotosearch Greeting Clipart

Browse greetings clip art that includes hand shakes, high five waves, warm greetings, business greetings, hat tipping, bowing, greeting a small child, hugs, and more. Commercial site.

Free Vector Clip Art

View girls, boys, and men with blank speech bubbles, plus a policeman, a ballerina, a casino card dealer, a sailor, a hunter, and more.

Friends and Family Clip Art

Browse beautifully created family and friends clp art that includes mothers, dads, children, boys, girls, and other family and friends clip art that is really free art for your classroom, newsletters, or wherever you can find a non-profit use. Naturally, this lovely selection of clip art is not to be placed in any type of a collection of clip art.

Hassle Free Clip Art: People

Find clip art of people that includes men, women, children, senior citizens, artists. a boy scout, a butler, chef, a construction worker, cavemen, musicians, and more.

Internet Clipart: People

Cursor down the menu to People for clip art of people to locate photo objects of men, women, babies, children, and groups of people.

Kelta Web Concepts: People

Use the small People Menu at the top of the page to select Faces, LineArt, or Silhouettes of people.

Screen Beans: Stick People

Browse small bean shaped stick figures, posed in a variety of business, work, sports, and holiday situations.

Star Clips

Find men and women movie stars that includes Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, James Cagney, Betty Davis, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Judy Garland, Kirk Douglas, and more.

Yummie Lil Creations: Dolls

View a nice selection of linkware dolls that includes men, women, boys, girls, fairies, and more.
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