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Public Domain Links

View public domain images and clip art that states the clip art and backgrouds, or images have been placed into the public domain. Please note that most public domain clip art consists of black and white large images that would need to be resized and reworked in order to use the images. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from site to site.

Above and Beyond Pub Domain

View a large selection of animated arrows, hearts, sign, etc., plus flags, hearts, folders, music notes, linebars, and text statements.

Celine's Original Backgrounds

View original icons, backgrounds, arrows, menu buttons, and lines "placed willfully and knowingly in the public domain."

Custom Backgrounds by Luree

Find custom backgrounds and seasonal animation.

Free Public Domain Images

View black and white, plus color photographs and drawings of people, animals, maps, and more.

PD Clipart

Browse categories of clip art that includes animals, buildings, clothing, computers, education, food, history, fictional characters, military, people, recreations, sports, transportation, tools, weddings, and more. This is public domain clip art from varied sources and does have a terms of usage statement. Please read this statement before using the clip art in a commercial project.

WP Clipart

Cursor down the page and choose a public domain category of ping (PNG) clip art to view and download that includes animals, people, tools, U.S. History, household, office, clothes, medical, toys, computer, space, transportation, weather, buildings, music, travel, transportation, and more.
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