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Where to Find Free or Inexpensive Clip Art


Clip Art sites that offer free or inexpensive clip art offer a large variety of clip art. The image below was three separate pieces of clip art and I combined them to make a larger piece of art.

1. African American Clip Art

This is a very good site that has a large inventory of African American clip art. The images aren't cost-free but the prices are very reasonable and the quality of the work is excellent. You will find Music, Sports, Dance, Children, Holiday and Restaurant categories.

2. Peace Art Website

This is a great site that features Clip Art, Animated Clip Art, Embellishments for websites, Frames, Dividers, Holiday and Special Occasions clip art and much more. There are no ads and no registrations.

3. Clip Art Lord.com

This site features free clip art in many categories, such as:

Animals clip art, Animated clip art, Birthday clip art, Christmas clip art,Food clip art, Office clip art and so much more.

4. Hscripts - Web related

This is a great site that offers Icons and Images and the downloads are free. You will find categories on the left side of the page to assist you in finding what you need.

5. Art by Andy Nortnik

This site provides Royalty Free Clipart. You will find a large gallery including Retro, Vintage, Cartoon, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine, St.Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th of July, Western, Birthday, Cowboy, Pinup Girl, Car, Kids, Dog, Cat, T-shirt and Computer art. Free fonts too! The prices are reasonable and his collection is unique.

6. 100000 Free Cliparts

This site features over 100,000 clip,art images including wallpapers, 3D and 2D animations, funny pictures, buttons, icons, backgrounds and much more. All of the clip art is free and there are no registrations.

7. Microsoft Office Clip Art

This site features over 1,000 clip art images, animations, photos, templates for cards and other items. There is no fee to use the clip art but you must give them credit. This is one of the most organized sites to be found!

8. Free Clip Art and Pictures

Not as large as other sites, but very nice clip art featuring animals, education, fairies, christmas, winter, halloween, bullets, borders, patterns and many other topics. This site shows that more isn't always better.

9. Hassle Free Clip Art

An all free clip art collection containing animals, art supplies, biblical images, food, garden, medical, musical, school clip art and more.

10. AAA Clip Art

This site is an all free clip art collection containing animals, back to school, travel, holidays, retro, furniture, office supplies, money and more.

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