1. Technology

Law and Justice Links

Find law and justice clip art links to scales, courtrooms, lawyers, criminals, and other law and justice related images.

A Perfect World: Government Clip Art

Browse a variety of law, political, and government clip art that includes a government building, shields, a judge, an arrest, an official with a warrent, police officers, a justice scales, a corrupt politician, a protester, a bureaucrat, a ballot box, Vote signs, a Democrat and a Republican symbol, and more.

Clips Ahoy: Law

Find an attorney and a judge.

Detective Clip Art

Find clip art of detectives at crime scenes and with magnifying glasses, fingerprints, and more.


Browse justice clip art of scales, judges, justice statues, a lineup, a hand being fingerprinted, etc. Commercial site.

Government Clip Art

Click on a name to view the clip art that includes, oaths, federal prison, courtroom, scales, a trial, jury, prisoners, and more.

Inki's Gavels and Scales

Cursor through the alphabet to find two gavels and two justice scales.

Justice Clipart

Download Justice clip art in three different sizes, plus a thumbnail image at the top of the page that may also be downloaded and used.

Prison Clip Art

Find a selection of prison and prisoner images.

Scales of Justice

View a good selection of scales of justice clip art in various styles.
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