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Medical Clip Art Links

Find links to medical clip art of medical supplies, doctors, nurses, patients, dentists, emergency vehicles, health, bones, illness, bones, needles, drugs, paramedics, pills, drugs, needles, medical supplies, and other medical images.

A Perfect World: Medical Clip Art

Find a selection of medical related clip art that includes aspirin, flasks, mortar and pestle, a walker, a cartoon tooth with a cavity, back pain, reflex hammer, a no smoking while pregnant sign, and more.

Artvex Medical Clip Art

Browse medical categories for ambulances, bandaids, doctors, medicine, nurses, symbols, and medical tools.

Biomedical Clip Art from Motifolio

Find a few samples of biomedical clip art from Motifolio.com that includes DNA, cell membrane, virus, and receptor channel. These free samples may be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint. Click on Policy on the left hand side of the free clip art page to view the terms of usage for this clip art.

CDC Diabetes Clip Art

Cursor down the page for a good selection of black and white diabetes clip art that includes a medical alert bracelet, learning to use a blood glucose monitor, a bottle of insulin, health care personnel, doctors, and more.

Clip Art Warehouse: Medical

Find icons of doctors (head only), medical bags, red cross, red cross vehicles, needles, and more.

Clipart Heaven: Nurses

Find nurse clip art of nurses giving shots, nurses with patients, doctors and nurses, and more. Click on each text name to view the images.

Clipart Heaven: Medicine

Click on the text name to view medical clip art that includes a man taking a pill, herbal medicine books, a nurse giving a boy medicine, and medicine bottles.

Clips Ahoy: Medical

Browse pages of doctors, patients, nurses, birth, running a temperature, and other medical clipart.

CoolCLIPS: Pharmacology

Find Vector clip art of pharmcists, drug stores, pharmacies, customers getting prescriptions, and other pharmacology images.

Dentisty Clip Art

Find a selection of dentists and patients.

Designed to a T Medical

Locate a page of medical clip art that includes a drawing of a mother and babies, three simple babies in a row, a muscle symbol, a nurse cap, stethoscope, rubber reflex hammer, an operating table, needles, scalpel, sissors, medicine bottle, medical bag, and other medical images.

EMS Border Backgrounds

Download medical border backgrounds that includes heart and heartbeat backgrounds, medical symbols, and more.

Food and Health Clip Art

View food for heart health clip art that includes a heart of fruit and vegetables, hearts with heart health sayings, strawberries, and a row of fruit, grains, and vegetables with test of Lower Your Cholesterol.

Free Clipart Pictures

Download medical clip art that includes a blood pressure cuff, syringe, stethoscope, reflex hammer, and other medical clip art.

Graphics Garden

Find nurses, doctors, syringe, pills, signs, needles, eye chart, RN signs, wheelchairs, male and female symbols, and much more.

Hassle Free Clip Art: Medical

View medical clip art that includes arm and leg casts, medical charts, an eye chart, medical bags, scales, a stretcher, a hospital bed, crutches, and more.

Pharmacy Medical Clipart

Browse pages of medical symbols, biohazard symbols, pills, mortar and pestles, ambulances, caduces symbols, star of life symbols, first aid symbols, and RX signs and other medical images.

Student Nurse Clip Art

Click on the taps across the top to locate medical buttons, dividers, icons, and clipart that includes nurses faces and with nurse caps, bandaids, sringes, logos, pills, thermometers, sissors, and more.

Safety Clip Art

Locate safety clip art of bike, fire, firearm, poison, school bus, water, and vehicle safety that includes bicycle helmets, fire alarm, pills, a gas can, spray can, school crossing sign, seat belt buckles, a life saver tube, and other safety clip art.

School Clip Art: Medical

Doctors, nurses, a newborn baby, and a first aid kit can be found in this selection of clipart that may be used for educational purposes.

U-rock's Backgrounds: Medical

Browse medical backgrounds that includes forceps, manual suction machine, surgical knife, walker, cane, stretcher, nurses, doctors, Red Cross symbols, hospital beds, stethoscope, endoscope, wheelchairs, and much more.

U-rock's Materials: Blood Types

Find buttons of blood types.

U-rock's Materials: Medical

Find nurse menu buttons in Japanese and English. Enter, Guestbook, Home, Attention, Profile, Click, Menu, Top, BBS, etc.

WP Clipart: Heartburn

Browse this page to find a drawing of a man holding his chest with heartburn pain.
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