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Western Clip Art - Native American Clip Art - Free Western Clip Art

Find Western clip art, Native American clip art, and free western clip art, of caravans, cowboys, coyotes, horses, cowgirls, Indians, saddles, coyotes, Kokopelli, cactus, stagecoaches, wagons, guns, rifles, bulls riders, cowboy hats, and other Native American and Western clip art.

ABKL Cactus Clip Art

Find clipart of saguaros, ocotillo, barrel, prickly pear, and other cacti. Some of the cacti having smiling faces and wearing sombreros and gun belts.

Adcre8tr's Free Website Artwork

Choose to view either the western and Native American style dividers, borders with a western theme, or tile backgrounds in various colors and western designs.

Arizona Clip Art

Locate a cowboy hat, a cowboy boot, decorative cactus, a saguaro in bloom, lizards, a scorpion, a Kokopelli, a snake, Arizona maps, and more.

Backgrounds by Marie

Browse a small selection of very nice Native American border sets that includes an Indian maiden looking over a canyon, a warrior with a flute, and more.

Brownielocks: Western Watercolor Backgrounds

Find a selection of tiles and horizontal tiles with western and Native American hand painted watercolor themes that includes Hopi flute players, buffalo, cowboy hats, and more.

BS Graphics

View a good selection of Western clipart that includes cowboys, barns, barbwire, rifle lines, cowboy hats, boots, saddles, and more.

Clip Art by Phillip Martin

Find Native American collections that includes men and women Native Americans, a longhouse, wigwam, shaman, Seminole, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Lacrosse, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfoot, Comanchee, Pawnee, Cree, Nez Perce, Navajo, Pueblo, Hopi, Apache, Zuni, and much more Native American clip art.

Free Country and Western Clipart

Browse country and western graphics, dancers, boots, horses, lines, animation, and more.

Greasy Grass Native American Graphics

View beautiful linebars that are beaded, feathered, and conch decorated, plus a selection of exceptional buttons, gorgeous Native American border designs, a few unique Web page sets and graphics, such as a kachina, pipes, and shields, etc.

Native American and Indian Symbols

Browse a page of Native American and Indian symbols that includes black and white symbols for bear, rain cloud, camp, deer, sun, thunder storm, star, and more.

Native American Indian Clip Art

View a multitude of Native American Indian clip art that includes arrowheads, pottery, drums, kachina dolls, storytellers, steer heads, fry bread, buffalo, hummingbirds, and Web page backgrounds and tiles.

Native American Art Exhibit

Western and Native American art that you may download and used for a credit to the artist and a link back to the Web site. Locate, read, and understand the "Use Images from Art/NatAm" terms of usage before using in any project.

Poison's Icons Backgrounds

Find beautiful western backgrounds and borders with Indian blanket designs, etc.

Poison's Icons

Browse exquisite Native American icons of Indian pots, feathers, and folders, plus larger Gif images of a drum, a dreamcatcher, a beaded design, and more.

School Clip Art: Native American

View a selection of Native American clip art that includes Indians, a pipe, and a teepee which may be used for educational purposes.

School Clip Art: Western

Download clipart of cowboys on horses, cowboys with guns, a sheriff badge, and more. These images can be used for educational purposes.

Silverhawk's Native American Graphics

Use the supplied password and ID to enter the site and find feathers, buffalo and wolf backgrounds, dreamcatchers, linebars, and other Native American graphics.

Southwest Native American Clip Art

View Navaho, Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo, and Apache native Americans created by Phillip Martin that includes women with baskets, a woman weaver, a Hopi snake priest, a Zuni dancer, and an Apache baby.

Structures: Western Backgrounds

Find border and top sets with a Western flavor with titles that includes Chimalma's Chastity Mesilla Moments, Sante Fe Lights, Pueblo of Cochiti, and more.

Tarzanna Graphics

Download just borders with western and Native American scenes.

Trail Boss Clip Art

Find trail boss clip art of western men and women, horses, western caravan, water hole, and other images.
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