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File Cabinet and Folders

Download file cabinet clip art and office clip art of file folders, file cabinets, documents, index cards, trays, card holders, and other office supplies images. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

Andrew Sain's GraphX Kingdom

Find trays, folders, letters, certificates, etc., plus budget, wills, and more.

Clip Art Warehouse: File Cabinets

Find a small selection of file cabinets.

Clipart ETC

Find four sized of one drawer of a file cabinet.

CoolClips: File Folders

Browse a selection of file folders from NVTech Clip Art.

Fotosearch: Folders

Browse for file folders, individual folders, a row of folders, file cabinets with folders, and other filing systems, and folders. Commercial Site.


Cursor down the page and choose either a PNG or a JPEG file format to download this file cabinet with the bottom drawer partially opened.


Books, calendars, documents, out box, papers, folders, envelopes, files, newsletters, notes, and more. Click on the page numbers (upper left corner) to view all clipart.


Find pages of file cabinets in various styles and designs.
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