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Music Clip Art Links - Free Music Clip Art Links - Clip Art of Music

Locate music clip art, and free music clip art links that includes guitars, musical notes, musicians, pianos, drums, horns, violins, and other musical clip art and images.

24K Gold Graphics: Music

Find golden musical symbols, instruments, notes, a performer, piano keys, harp, horn, and more.

4YEO: Saxophone

Download 3D clipart of saxophone icons in various colors and sizes.

4YEO: Musical Instruments Clipart

Find 3D animated musical instruments that includes notes, clef, lyre, trumpet, guitar, drums, trumpets, maracas, etc.

Ace Clipart: Music

Browse pages of music clip art that includes a tuning fork, drums, conductors, a concertina, a man with a guitar, and more.

Bflat Images

View collections of static and animated clip art of instruments, performers, composers, and a miscellaneous section of images.

Clipart ETC: Singing

View an illustration from Harper's Young People (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1889) of children singing. The one image is in three different sizes, plus a thumbnail title images that also may be downloaded.

Clips Ahoy: People

Download cartoon people singing, playing instruments, stereo, singing in the shower, etc.

Clip Art Warehouse: Music and Sound

View icons of musical instruments, musical notes, audio systems, sound symbols, and more.

Hassle Free Clip Art

Find music clip art that includes bongo drums, an xylophone, drum sets, bells, guitars, harmonicas, kazoos, harps, horns, pianos, violins, and other musical instruments.

Kelta Web Concepts: Music Clipart

Browse an excellent selection of music clipart that includes an accordian, cymbals, drums, harmonica, maracas, tambourine, lyre, harp, piano, xylophone, guitars, horns, banjo, and other music clipart.

LB-Graphics: Guitars

Find a nice selection of animated guitars.

Marvelicious Backgrounds

Cursor down the page to Music Sets for a golden key design with a golden horn linebar, a guitar set, and a violin and flower background set.

PDClipart: Music

Locate musicians, African drums, a man playing bagpipes, banjos, horns, conductors, drum sets, guitars, and other musical clip art.

School Clip Art: Music

Find clipart of music notes, guitars, a drum, a man playing a violin, a tunning fork, and more. This selection of images may be used for educational purposes.

Webweaver's Music

Browse several pages of music clip art that includes headphones, a gramophone, a disk jockey, animated maracas, a Viking opera singer, microphones, speakers, and more.
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