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Dance Clip Art Links

Find dance clip art of ballet, ballroom, jazz, square dance, hula girls, ballerina, top hat and cane, and other dance clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

Classroom Clipart: Dancers

View three pages of dance clip art that includes Radio City Music Hall dancers, couples dancing, ballet, Turkish dance, and other types of dances.

Clipart Heaven

Click on a text link to pull up a seperate screen with a dance image. You will find large dancer clip art that includes war dance, dragon dance, disco, hip-hop, Hawaiian dancer, Spanish dancer, couple dancers, belly dancer, and much more.

Clips Ahoy: Dance

View a hula dancer, men and women dancing, male stripper, etc.

Country Western Dance

Browse a nice selection of square dancing clip art, including some animated graphics.

Fotosearch Dance Clipart

Find mostly black and white dance clip art that includes couples dancing, line dancing, ballroom dancing, ice dancing, hula, and more.

School Clip Art: Dancers

Find a selection of men, women, and couples dancing that may be used for school projects and by teachers.

Stablegirl's Lair

Cursor past the roses and horses to find ballerina dancers dressed in pink, and purple.

Two Step Dance Clip Art

Cursor down the page to view a collection of dance clip art that includes couples dancing, silhouettes of couples dancing, stylized images, and more.
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