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Horse Clip Art Links

Find horse clip art and free horse clip art links to horses, donkeys, mares, stallions, foals, mustangs, saddles, riders, race horses, trotters, ponies, burros, amd other horse and equine clipart.

Horses: Animated
Find animated horse clip art links and free animated horse clip art of horse running, jumping, trotting, and other horse animations, plus static horse clip art, fantasy horses, and other horse clip art and clip art links.

A White Horse
An offering of horses from Stacey Mayer which includes Andalusian, Peruvian Paso, Arabian, Tennessee Walking horse graphics, and more, to view and download. Cursor down to the type of horse clip art you want and click to view.

Arthur's Horse Clip Art
Cursor down the page to the menu and choose to view color or black and white horse clip art of ponies, burros, donkeys, mule, mustangs, children with horses, and riders.

Artvex: Horses
Browse pages of horse clip art that includes cartoon horses, horse heads, ponies, toy horses, and more.

Daily Clip Art: Horse
View a prancing horse, a rearing horse, a sadle, a horse and rider, a bucking horse, horses heads, and a small zebra.

Fox Trotters Clipart
Browse pages of horse clip art. Click on one of the pages, then cursor down past the ads to view the clip art of individual horses, rows of horses, horse signs, horse banners, horses with riders, horse polo, horses jumping, trotting, rodeo horses, holiday horse clip art, patriotic horse clip art, and much more.

Horse Racing Net
View and download horses, race horses, horse and riders, etc.

Internet Clipart: Horses
Find a selection of horse and rider photo objects or photo realistic clip art, plus a statute of a horse, a cowboy clock, a saddle, and a few horse photos.

My Little Pony Clipart
View a little pony in green, blue, gold, pink, and purple colors.

Pleasure Gait Farm Horse Clip Art
Cursor down the page for clip art of horse heads, silhouettes of horses, fox trotters, standing horses, trotting horses, horse and riders, western clip art, holiday horse clip art, horse navigation signs, paint and pinto horses, and much more. The color text that changes the Web page background color is very irritating but keep your cursor far away from those text colors and enjoy the clip art.

Polo Pony Clip Art
Find polo players on polo ponies playing polo.

School Clip Art: Horses
Browse a selection of horse clip art, including a horse and a hay stack, a rocking horse, and more. These images can be used for educational purposes.

Toy Pony
Find a cute pink and light tan toy pony.

Whimsical Pony Clip Art
A selection of cute little pony clip art that includes a stick toy pony, and ponies with bows, and a girl riding a stick toy pony. Commercial Site.

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