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Houses Clip Art and Buildings Clip Art

Find houses clip art and building clip art of homes, buildings, cottages, castles, log cabins, cities, commercial buildings, doors, windows, city scenes, building supplies, tools, hammers, and other houses and building related images.

A Perfect World: Industry Clip Art

Browse black and white and color graphics of building and industry related clip art that includes eye hooks, gears, goggles, a hard hat, pipes, wrecking ball, trowel, an off shore oil rig, water tower, bulldozer, wrench, and more.

Ace Clipart: Houses and Buildings

Find clipart of city scenes, old buildings, barns, a school, a couple of lighthouses, and more.

All Clip Art Site

View buildings and places that includes the White House, the leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids, a farm, a lighthouse, and more.

Clipart Heaven: Buildings

Find apartment buildings, financial buildings, a Supreme Court building, office buildings, and other building clip art.

Clip Art Warehouse: Homes

View a log cabin, a castle, a home and car, a dog house, etc.

Clips Ahoy: Moving

View moving clipart of movers carrying a couch, a moving van, etc.

Dan's House Collection: Houses

Browse pages of large, small, animated houses, tree houses, lighthouses, city scenes, farm houses, and much more.

Kelta Web Concepts: Construction

Locate construction equipment and workers that includes a cement mixer, dump trucks, cement, a forklift, a man welding, men carrying lumber, and more.

Real Estate Web

Find homes, a home under construction, sold signs, and other homes and buildings.

School Clip Art: Construction

Browse clipart that may be used for educational purposes of construction workers, and under construction signs.

School Clip Art: Houses

Homes, houses, small huts, and log cabins are among this selection of clipart which may be used for educational purposes.

Tairngire Graphics: Doors

Locate a door opening into a garden and path, a vine covered closed door, a round stone and wooden gothic door, and more.

The Clipart Site: Buildings

Cursor down the site to locate the houses, buildings, famous landmarks, city scenes, towers, grass huts, and other lighthouses, teepees, and more.
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