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School Clip Art

Download education clip art, educational clipart, school clipart, and free education clipart of teachers, students, graduates, school houses, books, erasers, pencils, school busses, children, play ground equipment, and other school and educational clip art.


View 3D revolving platonic solids by Rüdiger Appel that includes a tetrahedron, a hexahedron, an octahedron, a dodecahedron, and an icosahedron.

A Perfect World: School Clip Art

Locate academic clip art that includes school grades from A+ through F, a globe, ABC blocks, graduates, and more.

ABC Block Clip Art

Find and download three alphabet blocks with an A, a B, and a C from Hiox India. The blocks are yellow pink and green and the letters, A B C, are available in 48 different colors.

ABKL Education Clipart

At my cousin, Jan's Website, you will find mouse drawn original men and women teachers standing at a blackboard or by their school desks.

Ace Clipart: School

Browse pages of clipart that includes blackboards, classroom, colored chalk, a graduate, a girl and a globe, school children, copy books, and more.

American History Clip Art

Find American history clip art by Phillip Martin that icnludes Columbus, the Pilgrims, Abraham Lincoln, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Gold Rush, Lewis and Clark, Benjamin Franklin, the Kennedys, and other clip art of highlights of American history.

Animation Gold

Find pages of school children clip art that includes boys reading books, girls reading books, girls jumping rope, a boy sleeping at his desk, a girl with a skateboard, a boy with a dirty face, boys in a club house, and other clip art of school children.

Clip Art by Phillip Martin

Browse school clip art that includes school children, a school bus load of children, teachers, fat pencils, a school crossing guard, children playing, and a girl crying, and other school clip art.

Foreign Education Clipart

Cursor down the page to Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, etc. to locate simple culturally and linguistically neutral line drawings that may be used for not-for-profit educational purposes.

Clips Ahoy: Math

Download a boy doing math, pencil and calculator, addition, and more.

CoolClips: Crayons

Find boxes of crayons, individual crayons, and groups of crayons.

CoolCLIPS: School and Education

Find school children, houses, busses, class rooms, learning, teachers, books, and more.

Dan's House Collection

View a collection of icon size school houses, plus larger images of school houses. Click on Next to view all pages.

Free Clipart Now

Browse three pages of colored pencils, pens, ink well, feather pens, fountain pens, and other writing instruments.

Education Clipart Pictures

Download medical clip art that includes a blood pressure cuff, syringe, stethoscope, reflex hammer, and other medical and medical education clipart.

Discovery Clip Art

Find clip art, logos, and mascots for your school projects and Web pages that includes apples, school pencils, Armadillos logo, Conquistidors logo, Outreach Services logo, Parent Teacher Organization sign, a Writing Club logo, puzzle pieces, paper cutters, and other clip arts and logos.

Kelta Web Concepts

View school related clipart that includes science graphics, globes, an abacus, school books, and more.

Kiwi Graphics: School Days

Find an apple with a worm, a pencil, and decorated school related signs for preschool, first grade, etc.


View landform clip art by Phillip Martin of illustrations of islands, lakes, coasts, plains, mountains, oceans, and deserts, plus two maps.

Language by Phillip Martin

Find school children learning language skills such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, reading skills, language bulding skills, and more.

Manual of Traffic Signs: School

Locate school traffic signs that includes school zone, school crossing, school bus stop ahead, Arizona school speed limit, etc.

Math by Phillip Martin

Find math clip art that includes a boy using a measuring tape, math properties, pythagorean theorem, a boy counting marbles in a jar, and other math clip art.

Safety Clip Art

Locate safety clip art of bike, fire, firearm, poison, school bus, water, and vehicle safety that includes bicycle helmets, fire alarm, pills, a gas can, spray can, school crossing sign, seat belt buckles, a life saver tube, and other safety clip art.

Math Symbols

Find a selection of math symbols and shapes.

Numbers by Phillip Martin

These numbers from one to ten and illustrated with animals are cute and colorful.

Original Country Clip Art by Lisa

Find teachers sitting at desks, a blackboard Welcome sign, dividers, menu buttons, paint, glue, a ruler linebar, calculators, and a calculator line, etc.

Phonetic and Deaf Language

Download a freeware sign language in a zipped download, plus a freeware phonetic font.

PTO Today Clip Art

Find clip art for school flyers and newsletters that includes father and daughters dance, chairperson folder, a stack of books, field trip, newspaper, school spirit, teacher appreciation, and other school events clip art.

School Clip Art: Buses

Find school busses in several designs, plus children and school busses.

School Clip Art: Children

Browse clipart of children in school and children with books. The graphics may be used for educational purposes.

School Clip Art: School Related

Download school busses, children, school bags, books, and more, that may be used for edcuational purposes.

School Clip Art: Teachers

Browse a selection of teacher clipart that may be used for educational purposes.

School Events and Clip Art

Browse school events clip art that includes back to school, picture day, field day, fall break, fire drill, open house, school newspaper, and more. Click on next 12 images to view all the images.

Teacher Files

Find clip art titles for Back to School, Welcome Back, School Days, plus pencils with Welcome to Grade 1, Rules and Regulations, Teachers Corner, and much more.

Teachnet: School Mascots

Find school mascot clip art of an Indian chief, a coyote, a buffalo, a bulldog, a bull, a cardinal, a ram, and more.

Teacher's Guide

Find black and white clip art of school images that includes a bottle of glue, sissors, school children, apples, school bus, school desk, globes, and other school and educational clip art.

World History Clip Art

View World history clip art by Phillip Martin that includes Anglo-Saxons, Normans, the Black Plague, the Cold War, Napoleon, Tudors, Charlemagne, Ice Age, Magna Carta, and other World history clip art.
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