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Copyright Information and Issues

Explore clip art copyright issues and information, cyberspace law, fair use issues, public domain, copyright violators and other clip art copyright issues. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.
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Clip Art Copyrights Explained

Clip Art Copyrights. What copyrights are, who they protect, and how they pertain to clip art.

Could This Happen to You?

From your About.com Guide to Web Clip Art, Bobbie Peachey-- Site Closed! A clip art collection site closed, evidently due in part to image copyright infringement issues. Could this happen to your site?


A Web based group of artist banded together to educate graphics users that the Redistribution In Graphics Has To Stop. A "must book mark" site for all.

About - Free Clip Art!

Issues about free clip art and terms of usage that covers the question, "Is that image or clip art really "free" for to use on my Web page?"

About - Logo Copyright Information

Copyright information about company names, logos, and simple logo symbols.

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained

"An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication."

Copyright and Internet Issues

Yong-Chan Kim's article Social Claims and Government's Intervention: White Paper, copyright, fair use, International Standard, and more.

Copyright, Plagiarism, Acceptable Use Issues

Kristina Pfaff-Harris's article Copyright Issues on the Web covers copyright issues on the Web, plagiarism, and the meaning of acceptable use.

Fair Use

To determine whether your intended use falls under the Fair Use principle, read and consider if your intended use fits the four criteria listed in this article.

Public Domain Time Frame

Periods of time when created works pass into the public domain.

Questions and Answers: Changing Clip Art

Questions and answers about changing a logo or clip art and using it for a commercial purpose.

Search Engine Disputes and Issues

Discussion of the copyright issues related to image search engines.

Top 10 Urban Myths About Copyright

Find the answer to the question, "If I modify a copyrighted work, I create a new work in which I hold the copyrights, right?" and the answers to other copyright issues.

U.S. Copyright Office

Detailed coverage of copyright, copyright law, and federal regulations, plus new and pending legislation, etc. Check the new and pending legislation section for online issues.

What is Copyright Protection?

What copyright protection is, when it begins, what is required, the copyright symbol, copyright and the Internet, public domain, logos, direct linking, frames, and much more.
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