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Celtic Clip Art Links

Browse Celtic clip art, Celtic knots, dragons, snakes, and other Celtic designs, symbols, animation, backgrounds, icons, buttons, and other Celtic clip art images.

Bradley W. Schenck

Browse beautiful Celtic art work that includes tiles, panels, circles, beasts, backdrops, and borders (frames), plus animated Celtic designs.

Celts by Phillip Martin

Find ancient Celt clip art of the Celtic alphabet, a Celtic cross, a green harp, Stonehenge, a man with a scythe, a man with a sword, a dwelling place, a crown, A Celt with a land mass, and Epona.

Celtic Art

Find large and small Celtic knots, maze patterns, Celtic step patterns, Celtic art with a stained glass effect, and Celtic animals.

Celtic Knot Construction

Find examples of Celtic knots and the grid used to create them.

Celtic Knot Construction

Create your own Celtic knots with this tutorial which is complete with illustrations.

Free Celtic Clipart

View Celtic buttons and shapes, crosses, animals, bars, backgrounds, and more. Click on each name in each section to view the individual clip art or background, etc.

House Ravenscroft

Cursor down the page to find Celtic frames or borders and other Celtic clip art.

Packrat Productions Celtic

Find a unique Celtic heart bar, plus Triquetras, other Celtic hears, and Celtic lines.


Click on the text links to find Celtic animals, ornaments, bars, and buttons.

Tairngire Graphics: Celtic Borders

Browse borders with a Celtic design that includes brightly colored Celtic birds on black with a light rust text area, a dark olive green and brown cross design on a tan crackle textured text area, etc. Use Next to view all pages.

Tairngire Graphics: Celtic

Find a selection of lovely Celtic accents that includes a copper round design, a turquoise round button with a cream and copper center design, a turquoise and green Celtic square, etc.
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