1. Technology

Linebar and Divider Clip Art

Find linebar clip art and divider clip art of bars, dividers, and line bars, horizontal rules, lines and separaters in various sizes, various colors and designs, plus clip art of other dividers and linebars.

4YEO: Lines

Choose to view linebars and dividers in categories of fantasy, visionaire, moonstones, medieval, art-nouveau, hearts, glitter, flowery, fret, a summer splash design, and gem textures.


Cursor down to the Bars menu and click on a page number for linebars of carved stone, art deco, and more.

Bar None

Look Out's patterned and textured linebars that look great on black or dark Web page backgrounds.

Blackat's Web Graphics

Find linebars for light backgrounds and linebars for dark backgrounds, plus vertical lines, including an animated fish and plant line, flower bushes, fence line, and more.

Bravenet Dividers

Browse pages of didiver clip art in various colors and designs that may be used on your Web pages.

CatStuff: Lines

View pages of cat lines that includes cats on fences, by gates, in rows, with mice, playing with yarn, etc. Click on Next to view all pages.

Clip Art Warehouse: Linebars

Find linebars and dividers sorted into thick and think categories in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

Country Manor Designs: Lines

Find a page of floral decorated lines, a page of thin textured dividers, and two pages of solid colored lines.

Dami's Demesne

Browse a page of lines with matching buttons or bullets.

Free Western Bars

View a page of linebars with a Western flavor.


View a small selection of unique and interesting dividers in various styles, designs, and colors.

Greasy Grass Bars

Find Native American linebars or dividers with silver and turquoise decorative designs between feathers, bead dividers, and leather and silver lines to use on personal Web pages. Click on HOME at the bottom of the page to view the terms of usage.

Heart To Me

Find delicate floral linebars, tiny cat paws, tulips, shelf and cans line, ribbons, rabbits, and more.

Home of the Horizontal Rule

View a large assortment of top quality, original and unique linebars created by THe SKuLL!!

Jason's Animation Outpost

Browse pages of animated linebars and dividers, including some original bars from Cyber Island.

JavaScript Color Bar

Download a smoothly changing color Java Script color bar for your Web pages and the instructions and coding needed to place it on your Web page.

Krygparts: Lines

View pages of animated and some static lines in various colors, types, and designs, including thin lines, lines with drop shadows, arrow lines, and more.

Linebars and Dividers

Download linebars with matching sets of tiny bullets that includes squares, checks, pointers, and diamonds.

Look Out Now's Flash Color Bars

Download lovely dynamically changing, 3D color bars via Macromedia's Flash. Each bar is downloaded via a zip that includes a text file with the necessary command string.

Realm Graphics Lines

Find a large selection of easy-to-browse linebars separated into categories that includes rules with character, gradients, rounded, textured with bumps, and more.

SMAC: Lines

View a selection of lines, including pencils, cherries, strawberries, city scenes, and more. Slow to load at times.

Stablegirl's Lair: Animal Lines

Find a selection of animal lines, including horse, unicorn, alligator, rabbit, frog, butterfly bar, and more. Use the Next at the bottom of the page to view the second page.

Tropical Nights

View lovely linebars and dividers with an island theme.

U-rock's Materials: Lines

Cursor to the Lines index (right hand side of the page) for 30 static linebars and 60 animated linebars that includes a wooden fence, bricks, flowers, dice, grass, and more.

VirtualLand Animation Gallery

Find an interesting selection of animated lines that includes a pinball action line, an arrow with a spring, rainbows, chaines, and more.
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