1. Technology


Locate ASCII art (created with keyboard symbols, letters, and numbers) of people, animals, fantasy, dragons, aliens, holidays, cartoons, food, and more.

Diganta's World: ASCII Art

Download ASCII birthday, holiday art, New Year's, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgivings, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Beavis, Winnie the Pooh, and more.


Browse this ISO 8859-1 Characters list that shows the Decimal and Hex codes for all the ISO Latin-1 characters.

Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery

Click on Enter Here, then wait for the Javascript to load to find the ultimate ASCII art site that includes cartoons, animals, seasonal, people, creatures, and a section of colorized ASCII art, and more. An exceptional site.

Juggling ASCII Art

View Scott Seltzer's collection of juggling ASCII artwork.

The Dog Hause

A Web collection of ASCII animals that includes dogs, cats, anteaters, birds, cows, etc.

The Extended ASCII Chart

Find two resource pages for ASCII symbols.
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