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Asian and Oriental Links

Browse Asian clip art, Oriental clip art, and Chinese clip art of people, geisha girls, lanterns, bonsai, temples, Tibetan dorjes, Diwali candles, and Rangoli designs, and other Asian, Chinese, and Oriental clip art.

Akiko Brand

A small selection of people and children: a Japanese girl in costume, a boy and computer, a woman with a purse, etc.

Free Indian Clip Art

View a large clip art selection of people, animals, festivals, food, flowers, dance, music, village life, and much more.

Free Indian Clip Art: Diwali Greetings

Use these Diwali greeting signs to create your own greeting cards.

Free Indian Clip Art: Rangoli

Browse a selection of Rangoli designs.

Heart To Me: Boy's Festival

Find The Boy's Festival backgrounds, clip art, and linebars.

Heart To Me: Girl's Doll Festival

View The Girl's Doll Festival clip art of backgrounds, clip art, and linebars.

Me'ira's Clip Art For Oriental Dancers

A collection of dancers: cabaret, Baladi Dancers, gypsy dancers, Spanish dancer, etc., plus incense burners, jewelry, camels, a Nile boat, and more. Large black and white images.

U-rock's Backgrounds: Chinese

Cursor down the page to find Chinese style full backgrounds with symbols, mask, flowers, designs and patterns.

U-rock's Backgrounds: Japanese

Cursor down the page to find Japanese style full backgrounds of people, faces, symbols, coins, fans, flowers, and more.
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