1. Technology
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Animated Butterfly Clip Art

Clip Art of Animated Butterflies


Find animated butterfly clip art that includes butterflies in various sizes, designs, and colors.

1. Amazing Animations

Locate two pages of animated butterflies, including a river and tree scene with butterflies, a blue butterfly, a purple butterfly, and other animated butterflies.

2. Best Animations

View two pages of animated butterfly clip art and images.

3. Butterfly Clipart Animations

Browse animated butterfly clip art that includes individual butterflies, groups of butterflies, butterflies on black backgrounds, and butterflies on white or transparent backgrounds. Cursor down the page to view all the butterfly clip art.

4. Free Gifs and Animations

Find three cute teddy bears chasing butterflies.

5. MySpace Glittered Butterflies

Find a small selection of colorful animated glittered butterflies to use on your MySpace pages.

6. Wilson Info

Browse pages of animated glittered butterflies in various colors and sizes.

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