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Bible Clip Art Links

Find Bible clip art and scrolls, testaments, the Good Book, Holy Bible, and other Bible clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

Atlantic Fish: Bibles

Find black and white, plus two color images, of Bible clip art.

CoolCLIPS: Bible Clip Art

Browse excellent images of Bible clipart that includes an open Bible and candle, an open Bible and reading light, a Bible on a book stand, a person reading, etc.

Fotosearch Scrolls

View scroll clip art, people holding scrolls, rolled books, and more. Commercial Site.

Fred and Crystal Kovach

Find a selection of Bible and Scroll clip art.

Free Clip Art: Scrolls

Find clip art of several images of religious scrolls

FreeFever Clipart

View scroll clip art and an open Bible on a stand.

Phillip Martin: Bibles

Find excellent clip art of cute Bible personalities, clip art decorated books of the Bible, clip art illustrations of stories of the Bible, the books of law, the Ten Commandments, the major prophets, Jonah and the Whale, an angel, Saint Martin, other Bible events, books, and characters.

Spot's Gif Archive: Bibles

Find a selection Bibles that includes black and white images, colored graphics, and an open Bible with gold page edges.

Ten Commandments

Find clip art of the Ten Commandments. Commercial Site.
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