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Body Parts Clip Art Links

Find body parts clip art links to eyes, lips, faces, hands, hearts, feet, brains, lips, and other body parts images.

A Perfect World: Gestures

View a selection of gesture clip art that includes hands and fingers that create gesture meanings of halt, surfs up, grab, thinking, pointing, praying, thumbs down, thumbs up, crossed fingers, peace sign, and more.

Brownielocks: Body Parts

Find a large selection of watercolor backgrounds of eyes, eyes with tears, and lips.

Clips Ahoy: Hands

Find a selection of clip art that includes hands holding an envelope, writing, hand shake, squirting perfume, pouring liquid from a thermos, etc.

CoolClips Body Parts

View a page of body parts vector clip art that includes eyes, mouths, lips, hands, and noses.

Funny Faces from LillyARTS

Browse a selection of funny faces with cartoon eyes and cute sayings.

Grafizz: Hands

View clip art of hands pointing and hands showing the OK sign.

Hasslefree Clipart

Browse body parts clip art of eyes, feet, legs, harts, teeth, mouth, noses, lips, and more.

Kelta Web Concepts: Body Parts

Find a selection of eyes and lips, plus a few graphics of skulls and bones.

Lips Clip Art from LillyARTS

View kissing cartoons with big cartoon lips with cute saying just prior to the kissy part.

Public Domain Clip Art

Find eyes, faces, lips, teeth, mouth, hands, and more.
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