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Fire, Flame, and Torches Clip Art

Download fire clip art, flames, torches, campfires, lava, flaming text, and other fire, flames, and torches clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

Clipart Heaven

Click on a description to view clip art of fires, fire equipment, firefighters, campfires, fireworks, and other fire related clip art.

Clips Ahoy

View a small selection of rescue clip art that includes a fireman climbing ladder, fireman with hose, a rescue basket, and a rescue person writing a report.


Find clip art of campfires, people sitting around campfires, and a person roasting a hotdog over a campfire.

Designed to a T

Browse a nice selection of fire clip art that includes flames, a gas can, a toaster on fire, a t-shirt on fire, a burning house, and a grill on fire.

Eternal Condemnation: Fire

Find flames, a ball of fire, a match, a flame line, etc.

Eternal Condemnation: More Fire

View torches, flames in containers, cigarette lighters, lava flow, etc.

Great Fire of London Clipart

Find pictures of the London fire, plus several fire images that may be used "in schools or for homework".

Mr. Fire

Download fire animations, backgrounds, dividers, alphabets, numbers, and bullets.

School Clip Art: Fire

Browse camp fires, fire and a caveman, flames, a flame face, and more.
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