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Farm Clip Art - Free Farm Clip Art

View farm clip art, free farm clip art links to barns, sheep, cattle, horses, farm equipment, tractors, farms, pigs, farmers, and clip art of other farm animals, equipment, and animals.

Clip Project: Farm
Farm clip art for your non-commercial personal use of a farmer carrying hay, horses, pigs, cows, bees, chicks, and other farmers and farm clip art.

CoolCLIPS: Farming
Browse farming images, workers, equipment, and animals: sheep, cow, pigs, horse, chicken, plus grains, fields, barns with silos, etc.

Farm Clip Art
Click on a text name to view farmers and farm related clip art. The clip art will be viewed in a new browser window.

Free Clipart: Farm
View several pages of black and white clip art of barns, fence and field, farm buildings, a barn with silo and field, a farmer with a wagon of pumpkins, a farmer with barn, silo, and sheep, and other farm and farming images.

Judy's Jems: Poultry
Find backgrounds and sets of poultry: roosters, hen and chicks, farm scene, red barn, Japanese Bantam, and more.

Original Country Clip Art by Lisa
Download country farm clipart that includes a girl on a horse at the barn, cows, pigs, sheep, pig menu buttons, etc.

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