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Jewel Clip Art Links

Find jewel clip art that includes pearls, diamonds, opals, gold, emeralds, silver, onyx, aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, peridot, topaz, and other jewel and gemstone clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

Artist For Hire: Gems

Locate a small selection of diamond-shaped animated gold rimmed gems.

Classroom Clipart

Browse several pages of gems and minerals.


Find four beautifully detailed gems, including an emerald and a diamond.

Framed in Gold

Locate Barb Peel's beautiful textured and highlighted buttons and gems framed in gold.


Find pages of gems and gemsets.

Gold Rollovers

View small squares of gold in a center of color and rimmed with gold that may be used as individual buttons or as rollover buttons.

Microsoft Office Online

Find clip art of pearls in orsters, pearl necklaces, and other pearl images. Click on Next to view all pages of clip art.

Fotosearch Gems

Browse jewelry and gems, plus diamonds, diamond rings,ruby rings, tiara, and crown jewels. Commercial site.


Ornate diamond-shaped bullets in highlighted jewel colors to view and download.
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