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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Find creation and help tutorials for using Paint Shop Pro. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from site to site.

Animated Viewlet Tutorials

From your About.com Guide to Web Clip Art, Bobbie Peachey-- instructional viewlets for java-enabled browsers-- an easy and visual way to learn.

PSP Transparent Backgrounds

From your About.com Guide to Web Clip Art-- step by step instructions to make an image background transparent for both PSP 4 and PSP 5.

Border Gap Fix

Unique to PSP 5, when creating a border background and you add the drop shadow, you'll see a 'gap' in the shadow when the background tiles. Here is an easy fix.


Paint Shop Pro 5, 6, and 7 tutorials: Draw A Darling Loopy Bow In PSP 7 (a viewlet tutorial), create a water droplet in PSP 6, gold text and decoration, fancy textures, embossed tile backgrounds, and more.

GrafX Design

T. Michael Clark's PSP tutorials: watermarking, the magic of masks, transparent gifs, layer primer, photographic edges, chrome text, gold text, 3D buttons, and more.

Lori's Web Graphics

PSP 6 vectors and text on a path, plus PSP 5 buttons and icons, tubes and brushes, text images, layers, masks, backgrounds, and more.

Playing With Pixels

Create your own lovely antique glass Christmas ornament using Paint Shop Pro 7. Click on Tutorials at the top of the page and choose Antique Glass Ornaments.

Spider Tutorial

From Midnite Designs: create a spider with Paint Shop Pro 7. You will need to download the teardrop shape before beginning if you do not have it.

Web Graphics on a Budget: PSP 5

PSP 5 covers the basics, layers, Masks 501, buttons, cutout graphics, Application tutorials, image manipulation, and much more.

Web Graphics on a Budget: PSP 6

PSP 6 picture frames, easy spheres, and Curing the Jaggies with Curves.

Wompietuts: PSP

Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 6 and 7: bordered buttons, muted Victorian tiles, plaques, seed packs, jewelry boxes, friendship quilt,, heart tassels, folk art Santa weathervane, and more.
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