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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


Question 1:

  • Where can I find clip art that is legal to use for profit?
  • Answer to Question 1
  • Question 2:

  • Can I use clip art from clipart.com to create products to sell?

  • Answer to Question 2
  • Question 3:

  • Where is the free clip art?
  • Answer to Question 3
  • Question 4:

  • I have heard that if you change a logo by 20%, you can use it legally...is this true?
  • Answer to Question 4
  • Question 5:

  • Why do I see a colored square around transparent clip art when I print it out?
  • Answer to Question 5
  • Question 6:

  • What is Web clip art?
  • Answer to Question 6
  • Question 7:

  • Is a photograph considered Web clip art?
  • Answer to Question 7
  • Question 8:

  • Can I use scanned Christmas cards to create original Web page backgrounds?
  • Answer to Question 8
  • Question 9:

  • Can I use Microsoft clipart, or any other pics or graphics off the web to create a new business logo?
  • Answer to Question 9
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