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Full Product Review
Screen Beans by A Bit Better Corporation
by Bobbie Peachey

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Manufacturer's Site

Screen Bean Collections
Emotions Still Images, Emotions Animations, Sales and Marketing, Managing People, Project Management, Holidays and Seasons, Sports and Recreation, Home Health, Medical Care, Mental Health, Business Communication, Office Life, and the Problem solving collection.

Partial Contents: Emotions Still Images and Emotions Animations
Screen Bean figures showing emotions: afraid, agressive, alone, anxious, angry, bewildered, cranky, desperate, elated, friendly, intimidated, nervous, paranoid, startled, troubled, etc.

Partial Contents: Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing situations: announcement, contract, delivery, linework, markdown, bad news, good news, overstocked, partners, salesmen, teamwork, sell, etc.

Partial Contents: Managing People
Screen Beans depicting a breakthrough, big plans, assigning, fax it, fix it, listen, juggle tasks, paper work, research, team task, time card, and other images.

Partial Contents: Holiday and Seasonal
Screen Beans in holiday, special occasions, and seasonal situations: snowball fight, skiing, pulling a sled, dancing, courting, holding a new baby, doing the Hula, watching fireworks, carving pumpkins, waiting for Santa, gift giving, and more.

Partial Contents: Sports and Recreation
Screen Beans at play: surfing, skateboarding, climbing a mountain, golfing, hiking, fencing, plus gymnastics, football, tennis, baseball, soccer, and other sports and recreation images.

Partial Contents: Home Health
Images of Screen Beans and the food plan chart, glossing teeth, with a cane, an ear ache, an eye test, exercising, washing hair, taking a shower, etc.

Partial Contents: Medical Care
Medical care related images: an accident, arm cast, bandage, blood test, first aid, inhaler, physical therapy, in traction, washing hands, and more.

Partial Contents: Mental Health
Screen Beans and mental heath images: abuse, depressed, homeless, isolated, a drinker, a smoker, therapy, etc.

Partial Contents: Business Communication
Screen Beans and business communication images: questions and answers, spam mail, conference call, interview, coffee break, online help, teleconferencing, sending email, and more.

Partial Contents: Office Life
Screen Beans in the office: in hot water, rat race, red tape, tech medics, PC repair, payday, pink slip, office building, a big idea, filing, and many more.

Partial Contents: Problem Solving
Problem solving situations and solutions: the race against time, monitoring progress, a fork in the road, a safety zone, cutting costs, partnership, etc.

Windows and StarOffice: WMF
Macintosh: PICT

Online tips and information for using the images in PowerPoint.

Install Instructions
Online installation instructions for Windows, Macintosh and Sun StarOffice.

Advertisement, presentations, newsletters, reports, publications, training programs, video, Web pages, personal rubber stamps, etc. with license options for commercial usage, single usage, or a site group usage.

Terms of Usage
The on site licensing statement spells out the terms of usage, extended usage, and site license in detail and the FAQ page explains how to install Screen Beans clip art and how to place the clip art into a document, etc.

Bottom Line
Screen Beans are excellent quality, resizable and editable, cute, and humorous images in various life situations that will illustrate your ideas with insight and humor. An added bonus is the varied choices of collections and bundles, plus online help with installation and with PowerPoint.

Manufacturer's Site

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