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View borders, background borders, free background border links to edges, theme sets, design sets, virticals, left hand borders, and other Web page border backgrounds.

Amateur Radio Clip Art by Zed Zed

Find border background of amateur radio towers to download and use on personal web page, your own personal or club QSL card, amateur radio club web page or newsletter, personal desktop or other non-profit use.

Bevz Printz: Border Backgrounds

Find border backgrounds of cartoon cats with tails that form hearts, a beige cloth and lace border, a pearl and blue flower border design, a stoney beach scene, and more.

Blackat's Web Graphics

Browse varied and original themed border sets that include Southwestern, Denim, Music, Rose, and more.

Brownielocks: Borders

Browse and download left hand watercolor designs on white that includes abstract designs, hearts, needle and thread, music note, and much more. Keep clicking the next number link to view all the borders.

Carousel Backgrounds

Mostly border backgrounds for children that includes teddy bears, cartoon characters, sets for boys, sets for girls, school sets, and more.

Echo's WebMagic Free Graphics

Find twelve Zodiac border backgrounds for each sign of the Zodiac and in the color associated with that sign.

Eos Development: Border Backgrounds

Browse a large selection of excellent border backgrounds that are beautiful and slightly mystical with a bit of magic thrown in. Click on a background border name to view collections of themed borders.

Fire It Up Web Grafix

Download interesting borders of apples, cherries, and shapes, etc.


Browse border backgrounds sets of animals, children's sets, country, quilts, flowers, and more.

Inbe Design Borders

Click on Backgrounds, then Border Backgrounds to find Web page border backgrounds of angels, animals, flowers, and a good selection of mixed designs.

Marcia's Graphics: Borders

Browse border sets of unicorns, angels, cats, jeweled sets, and more.

Point of Focus: Sets

Find some exceptionally nice linkware border sets, tops, frames, and table sets: Nature's Jewels, Jeweled, Florals, Special Effects, Shapes and Forms, Conservative, and Plain 'N Simple.

Silver Mermaid

Browse a selection of border background sets that includes leaves, lace, flowers, music notes, buttons, and more.

Tairngire Graphics: Borders

Browse several pages of borders that includes groups of soft pink flowers and leaves with an off white text area, mosaic flowers and leaves on black with a mosaic patterns light green text area, and a stained glass tulip design with a textured green text area, etc.

Tropical Nights

Browse border background sets with a tropical theme.

Twist of Fate

Find metallic design twists and turns in a bold pattern down the left hand side of dark shaded text areas, while a light muted color of the same design decorates the right hand side of the border.


Download Ukrainian border background sets with a blank button, a linebar, and a bullet. Slow to connect at times.

UkraGrafix: Borders

Browse Ukrainian embroidery style borders in bright colorful embroidery style flowers and other designs.

Visual Sonnets: Border Sets

Cursor down the page and click on the name and description of a borders titled A Touch of Autumn, Faded Violets, Amethysts and Emeralds, Pietra Rocks, Caffe Latte, Opal Jewelry, and more.
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