1. Technology

Full Backgrounds and Tiles

Download backgrounds that includes full, tiles, textures, design sets, wallpaper, themes, tiled, and other Web page backgrounds.

3Quark: Tiles

Find muted tile backgrounds by Rüdiger Appel: paper, canvas, cardboard, structure paper, and Japanese traditional patterns.

All Free Backgrounds

On the right side of the screen select a color or a pattern of tiled, or seamless, background you want to view.

Artist For Hire

Locate pages of full backgrounds in various colors and patterns that includes veined, bumpy, lightly textured, lined designs, soft patterns, bright patterns, and more.

Bevz Printz: Tile Backgrounds

Find plaids and checks, solid textures, and design tiles of flowers, stones, seashells, marbles, etc.

Country Manor Designs: Tiles

Browse a large selection of background tiles, including checks, vibrant designs, canvas, and textured footprint tiles.

Designs by Elizabeth

Browse full backgrounds of lightly textured various colors which would be suited for all types of Web pages with text and graphics.

Eos Backgrounds

Find a large selection of tiled or textured backgrounds with interesting names and patterns.

Eos Development: Tiles

Find full backgrounds that are beautiful and slightly mystical in light and dark textures and designs.

Fire It Up Web Grafix

Find tiles sorted by colors of pink, purple, blue, green, and miscellaneous colors in patterns, textures, and grids.

GloriAnon Backgrounds

A great resource of tiled backgrounds and textures: abstracts, dragons, silks, marble, fabric, sky, forests, fantasy, unicorns, flowers, vellums, pebbles, and much more.

Grafizz: Backgrounds

Find page after page of seamless and tile backgrounds in various bright or muted colors and designs. Click on a page number to view the backgrounds.

Hop's Escher Tessellation Tiles

Browse Escher tiles: some very colorful wild tiles, some black and white tiles, a few animated tiles, plus the same patterns as embossed tiles.


Find a selection of unique tiles and full patterns that includes spiders, apples, ladybugs, olives, dragonflies, mushrooms, cherries, martinis, oranges, sunflowers, aliens, shoes, jellyfish, and much more. Browse each color to view all the tile patterns.

Look Out! Textures

Find photographic textures: woods, rocks, flowers, etc.

Look Out!

Browse seamless geometric tiles in beautiful and bold designs.

Realm Graphics

View full backgrounds in categories of Brushed, Marbled, Paper, Photo Realistic, Stone, and much more.

Renfield Imaging

Browse the lastest uploads or click on R-I Gallery pages at the top right and choose a gallery page to find unique, and a bit mysterious, boldly textured and patterned full backgrounds.

Runic Design

Find a selection of full backgrounds in interesting textures sorted by colors of blues, reds, a steely drum color, fire and brimstone, jungle greens, and more.

Savior's Tile Archive

Browse a selection of full tiles that includes mysterious and subtle patterns, golden patterned, strangely convoluted, and other tiles.

Tairngire Graphics: Tiles

Browse tiles in unique and interesting patterns and textures that includes swirls, flower shapes, cross designs, a gray skull tile, crackle texture, heavy paint texture, etc. Click on Next to view the other two pages of tiles.

UkraGrafix: Full Backgrounds

View Ukrainian embroidery style full backgrounds. Most of the backgrounds are very light colored, with a few darker tiles.


Find a great selection of tiles sorted by colors of blues, purples, pinks, yellows, greens, and reds, plus neutrals and country tiles.

Zena's Dreams: Tiles

Browse tiles in many textures and varieties of color that includes ripples, delicate floral stripes, muted backgrounds with raised designs, etc.
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