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Monkey Clip Art Links

Find monkey clip art and free monkey clip art links to monkeys, apes, gorillas, baboons, cartoon monkeys, and clip art of monkeys.

4YEO: Gorillas
Find 3D animated gorillas in various colors: red, green, purple, etc.

Arthur's Monkey Clip Art
Cursor down the page to choose color or B & W clip art of monkeys of all kinds.

Artvex.com: Monkey Clip Art
Browse pages of monkey clip art that includes cartoon style monkeys, monkeys in trees, monkeys wearing cloths, monkey faces, and silhouettes of monkeys.

Cartoon Cottage
Find free animated monkey clip art with code included to use for decorating myspace pages, websites, and blogs.

Clipart Heaven: Monkeys
Find monkey clip art that includes a monkey wearing a skirt, a dancing monkey, a monkey with a dreidel, an organ grinder monkey, circus monkeys, and other monkey clip art.

ClipArt Jungle
View a small selection of monkey clip art, plus the code for putting the images into MySpace.

Hanaman Monkey Clipart
Locate a monkey in three different sizes, plus a small monkey image at the top of the page that may also be downloaded and used.

Monkey Clipart
Find pages of monkey clip art which you may also send as a postcard. I could not find the terms of usage for the clip art so would suggest that these images be used for personal pages only.

Playtime Station
Find a small selection of monkey clip art that includes the See, Hear, Speak No Evil monkeys, a mokey dressed in a shirt and pants, a baboon, and a fat black monkey.

ToonLand: Monkeys
Enjoy two monkeys peeling bananas and one monkey with a megaphone.

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