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Police and Law Enforcement Clip Art

Download police clip art and law enforcement images that includes police officials, patrol cars, handcuffs, badges, fingerprints, guns, weapons, officers, and other police and law enforcement clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

A Perfect World

Find silhouettes of police officers, an English Bobby, and judges.

CKSinfo Police Clip Art

Browse police and law clip art that includes guns, law enforcement men and women, police cars, police officer and dog, prisoner, and other police and crime images.

Clip Art Of Policemen

Browse police and law clip art that includes a crime scene investigator, a cowboy sheriff, highway patrolman, a motorcycle policeman, and much more. Commercial site.

Fun Draw: Police Officer

Cursor down the page and choose JPEG or PNG to download the police officer clip art.

Police and Officers of Law

View static and animated clip art of policemen and officers of the law.

Police Clip Art

View a crime scene, a police officer in black and white color, a pollice officer with hands raised in a STOP signal, and a cowboy sherif on a horse.

Police Clipart Library

Browse a large selection of police and law clip art that includes categories of badges, lightbars, weapons, cops, crooks, vehicles, prison, detectives, and patches.

Policemen Graphics

Find policemen illustrations, clip art, and black and white images. Commercial site.

School Clip Art

View a selection of police officers clipart that may be used for educational purposes.

Task Force Image Gallery

Browse law enforcement clip art of brass knuckles, badge, handcuffs, officers, courts, and much more
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