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Careers Clip Art and Occupations Clip Art Links

Download career clip art of professions and occupations that includes barbers, cooks, auto repair, artists, musicians, secretaries, real estate, salesmen, teachers, health care workers, cleaning professionals, medical personnel, and other careers clip art.
Clips Ahoy: Actors and Musicians
Find clip art of celebrities that includes actors, musicians, sports, and female and male celebrities.
Clips Ahoy: Professions
Browse various occupations that includes agriculture, construction, dental, law, police, photography, phone solicitation, health, education, etc.
CoolCLIPS: Artists
View artists, artist supplies, paintings, easel, palettes and paints.
CoolCLIPS: Business
Office people and business situations, conferences, money and finance, office supplies and equipment, retail images, and more to view and download.
CoolCLIPS: Industrial
Industrial industries, industrial workers and equipment that includes clearing a log jam, car mechanics, automobile assembly line, etc., plus construction workers, equipment, farming, and more.
Designed to a T: Occupations
Browse symbols and images of occupations that includes a barber, artist, scientist, theater, fireman, law, ballet, carpenter, etc.
Fotosearch: Careers
Find career related clip art that includes balancing work and a baby, climbing the ladder, career choices, and more. Commercial Site.
Kat Black's Film Noir
Browse color, plus black and white photo backgrounds featuring femme fatales, girls next door, playboys, rugged hunks, and lovers, and more.
School Clip Art: Teachers
View a clip art selection of teachers that may be used for educational purposes.
The Wizard of Draw' Graphic Treasury!
Find excellent original cartoon graphics by Jeff Bucchino. Cursor through the list for a diver, fireman, golfer, policeman, rock 'n roll singer, runner, speaker, a sailor, and a soldier.
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