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Signs and Sayings Links

Download signs and sayings clip art of words, sayings, and signs for quilters, crafters, friends, and other signs and sayings clip art. Please follow the terms of usage required for each linked Web site. These terms vary greatly from clip art site to clip art site.

24K Gold Graphics: Sign Language

Download gold hands showing the sign language alphabet.

4YEO: Signs

Find 3D green international signs that includes restroom signs, stop, wheelchair access, phone, no smoking, smoking, copyright, registered, and more.

Brady's Scrapebook Sayings

Browse pages of text scrapebook sayings for boys and for girls.

Internet Bumper Stickers™

Browse pages of funny and thought provoking Internet bumper stickers for Web pages. My favorites include "Had a Life. Got a Modem" and "Coffee, thank God for coffee"

Just Jane's Graphics: Sayings

Find clipart sayings and signs that includes "Cheerleading Is A Sport", "Attack Cat On Duty", and more.

Manual of Traffic Signs: Recreational & Cultural

View signs for general information, traveler services, accommodation, land recreation, water recreation, and winter recreation.

Royalty Free Clip Art: Signs

Find a small selection of black and white signs and sayings clip art that includes a snowmobile, wheelchair, no smoking, emergency, etc.

Shawn's Clipart

Find wild and wacky signs, sayings and symbols, such as audio enhanced, vegetarian, cat free zone, toddler safe, Java-free zone, etc.

The Youth Online Club: Friendship Buttons

Cursor to the right of the page button sayings that includes Best Pen Pal, Friends Forever, Shining Star, Great Pen Pal, and much more.
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