1. Technology
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Music Clip Art

Clip Art of Music


Locate music clip art that includes birds singing, xylophones, boys and girls singing, music notes, and other clip art of music themed images.

1. Birds Singing

bird singing
Bobbie Peachey
Blue birds sitting on branches and gold music notes, plus computer characters holding music books with a small blue bird sitting on the opened book and the same images with shadows.

2. Boys and Girls Singing

Girl Singing
Bobbie Peachey
View individual Boys and girls holding music books and singing, plus the same images with drop shadows.

3. Elvis Memorial Day

Elvis Memorial Day
Bobbie Peachey
An Elvis impersonator with microphones and jeweled costume with a text title of Elvis Memorial Day.

4. Elvis On New Year's Eve

Bobbie Peachey
Find photos of an Elvis impersonator at New Year's Eve thrilling party goers and fans.

5. Jamie Slocum, Musician

Jamie Slocum
Bobbie Peachey
View photos of Jamie Slocum, a Christian musician, song writer, and singer.

6. Music In Our Schools

Music clip art
Bobbie Peachey
Locate Music clip art of computer characters and singing birds, muslical notes, Music in our School Month clip art, and other music clip art.

7. Music Notes Clip Art

Music Notes
Bobbie Peachey
Download music clip art of musical notes and pink or dark pink dividers or linebars with musical notes.

8. Xylophone Clip Art

Xylophone Clip Art
Bobbie Peachey
Browse xylophone clip art of an xylophone pull toy in three sizes.

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