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Browse clip art links of occupations and professions that includes musicians, painters, doctors, secretaries, barbers, cowboys, gymnist, waitress, scientists, and other work related businesses.

Authors by Phillip Martin

Browse pages of authors names and books illustratd with cute clip art. A few of the authors you will find are Verna Aardema, Hans Christian Andersom, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, Ruth Stiles Gannett, C.S. Lewis, Delia Ray, J.R.R. Tolkien, E.B. White, and many more.

Clip Art by Phillip Martin

Find pages of occupations and professions clip art that includes a dentist, waitress, scientist, computer technician, gymnast, lawyer, astronaut, skier, carpenter, a doctor, a judge, computer technician, carpenter, detective, a housewife, matador, toxicologist, police, a pirate, fire fighter, doctor, farmer, antique dealer, and other occupations and professions clip art.

Clip Art Of

Browse occupational clip art that includes dog groomer, butcher, border partrol police, satallite installer, car mechanic, front desk hotel clerk, forklift driver, tax accountant, tattoo artist, female mail carrier, beekeeper, politician and much more. Commercial site.

Clipart ETC

View black and white images of a balloonist, barber, carpenter, cobbler, glass blower, lumberjacks, mason, porters, a stone cutter, and other occupations.

CoolCLIPS Artists

Find clip art and animation of artists painting pictures. Click on Show All in the static animation to view all nonmoving artists or click on Show all in the animated line to view all moving artists.

CoolCLIPS: Business

Office people and business situations, conferences, money and finance, office supplies and equipment, retail images, and more to view and download.

CoolCLIPS: Industrial

Industrial industries, industrial workers and equipment that includes clearing a log jam, car mechanics, automobile assembly line, etc., plus construction workers, equipment, farming, and more.


Cursor down the page and, under Occupations, click on Click for Clipart to view occupational clip art that includes a waitress,and a house painter. This free clip art is copyrighted and for personal use with a credit to CoopToons.com or a link back to www.cooptoons.com. Do not give these images away, use in a commercial project, or give them away. Click on HOME to view the terms of usage.

Designed to a T

Occupational symbols of barber, artist, scientist, theater, fireman, law, ballet, carpenter, etc.

Fotosearch: Careers

Find career related clip art that includes balancing work and a baby, climbing the ladder, career choices, and more. Commercial Site.

Free Clipart Now

An architect, astronaut, blacksmith, carpenter, chemist, delivery man, druggest, model, mime, nun, movers, pirates, waitress, scribe, welder, window washer, and other business people are waiting for you here.

FreeFever Farm Clip Art

Find a farming clip art that includes fields, farms, farmers, workers, farm equipment, a man carrying a basket of fruit, a worker shearing a sheep, a haystack, and other farm images.

Kat Black's Film Noir

Color, plus black and white photo Web page border backgrounds featuring femme fatales, girls next door, playboys, rugged hunks, and lovers, etc.

Microsoft Office Online

One hundred pages of occupations clip art of medical people, construction workers, business professionals, astronauts, and more.

School Clip Art: Teachers

View a clip art selection of teachers that may be used for educational purposes.

Star Clips

Find men and women movie stars that includes Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, James Cagney, Betty Davis, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Judy Garland, Kirk Douglas, and more.
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